Tuesday, April 18, 2017

A Little Get Together At The Pantry Underwear

A few months after Fleur was born I received a message on Instagram from the Islington based shop The Pantry Underwear. I had been following them for a bit and had commented on a fun event they were having. The lovely owner, Eloise, invited me and to think about hosting a pant party for me and my mum friends. A what? A pant party? Like a lingerie party? hahaha. Right! I had a four month old and the idea of having a get together to buy new underwear didn't make me very excited. Well, a month went by and I mentioned it to one of my mum friends and actually we both agreed, it could be a fun morning. Fleur was six months old by then and I was still wearing the same wireless, nude, shapeless nursing/maternity bra I had been wearing for months. It was not attractive and even though I had splurged on a few fancier pieces during my pregnancy, I really shouldn't even be wearing those anymore. I needed some new pieces to make me feel like a real woman again, not a sleepy new mum wearing leggings and no makeup feeling one. So I emailed Eloise to say we were interested and stopped in to say hello and I am so glad I did! 
Located in the lovely little Camden Passage of Islington, The Pantry Underwear is the centre corner shop of the area. Located in a perfect spot to stop for a coffee at the many cafes in the area before. 

The week before mother's day I invited my NCT mum friends and our little ones to the shop for our pant party. Yes, we brought our six to seven month old babies to an underwear shop, tried on new bras, drank mimosas and had a great time doing it! haha. No really, Eloise is SUCH a great host. She is super welcoming to ladies bringing in their buggies and babies. We fit seven buggies in the shop, we placed blankets on the floor and the babies played while we got fitted for some new bras. 

I had stopped breastfeeding after Fleur turned four months old and I have to be honest, I needed a revamp of my underwear drawer dramatically. I needed some new everyday pretty bras but I also didn't want to spend a small fortune. My size was questionable now and I needed to actually have someone help me out on making my post pregnancy body look good again. Eloise was great assisting us in our choices discussing why we wanted them {every day wear, weekend wireless bralette types, still breastfeeding and looking for a nursing bra}, she also helped fit us and I ended up walking out with two new bras, both less then £35!  A Lepel option and a Triumph option made me feel like a thirty something put together woman again! She holds a lot of options from classic Calvin Klein, necessary but stylish Spanx to the beautiful Dora Larsen line. 
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