Thursday, June 25, 2015

Stopping to Smell the Roses : taking a break

After a long few months of running around,  early mornings, late nights, not enough me time, too many commitments, I have decided to take a little blogging holiday. This little spot of the Internet I love, my little blog. I love sharing new ideas, new places, party ideas, and so much more with my readers, however recently I have realized I need to sit down with a bit of a plan. I need to add some things in that are not at the top of my priorities right now. NO, I am not closing Urban Flip Flops, I'm just taking a month to put more of my heart and my time into my other big project . .
Recently I wake up and go to bed with a constant never ending to do list in my head. Sometimes that is OK, being busy and fulfilled and having hobbies and things to do is important. But recently I wake up with this sense of busy busy busy that never seems to end! Trying to be a good wife, a good friend, an auntie and sister and daughter from miles away, a business woman, a blogger, decorate our flat, exercise, cook, oh it all and there isn't enough time. 

I'm looking to grow my business and take on more clients, to find the clients I ideally want to work with and who want to work with me. I need to take care of myself and exercise and maybe get some sleep and these past couple of weeks it is just not happening. So I'm heading on a little break for the next month and I promise I will be back here to share lots of London adventures and more! 

You can always follow along throughout Social Media as I won't be quiet over there: 

and don't forget to check out Glimmer & Threads as well! 

xoxo - Becca

{image taken from our weekend in Paris!}

Monday, June 22, 2015

Notes from the Weekend

This weekend was one of those weekends that you would like to last a little longer come Monday morning. It was such a fun but not stressful weekend full of walks in the park, an amazing brunch with good friends and a fun run on Sunday. I spent yesterday afternoon cooking up a storm of healthy things getting ready for the week ahead and would love to go back. Here is to a busy but happy week ahead. 
We have never gone to Hampstead Heath later in the evening but since the sun doesn't go down now until 9:30ish, we decided to head there after work on Friday with Sir Oliver. It was SUCH a beautiful evening, so peaceful and relaxing. There were tons of people with picnics and just enjoy the finally summer like weather here in London. 

Friday, June 19, 2015

Happy Hour : Key Lime Grapefruit Martini on Style Me Pretty Living

Last month I styled up some cocktails & sweets with my friend April from Tea America. April creates mini American desserts however, in London! They are the perfect size sweets for a wedding, bridal shower or even afternoon tea. Today we are sharing Sips & Sweets, a delicious Key Lime Grapefruit Martini recipe paired with her Key Lime Tart over on Style Me Pretty Living. Check it out here
Cheers to the weekend! 

Images by: Maxeen Kim | Sweets by: Tea America | Cocktails & Styling by: Me! Urban Flip Flops

xoxo  Cheers! - Rebecca  

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Gift Ideas : One Year Wedding Anniversary, Paper

Monday was our first wedding anniversary and we decided to go classic and follow the American traditional anniversary gifts. While we did buy a ticket {yes, paper!} to Paris for the two of us last weekend, I wanted to get Mr. Beau a little extra to remember our first year of marriage. Paper can be such a mix of things; books, note pads, paper bag with a bottle of champagne in it, does that count? Incase you are celebrating your first wedding anniversary and need some thoughts, I have put together a list of ideas to help. 

1. Graphic Image Daily Journal - I know so many girls have one, but why not get your husband a nice monogrammed day planner for the year ahead, and you can write in all the important dates before! 

2. Concert Tickets - Is the artist who sang your first dance song playing locally nearby? Do you have "a song" and the band is playing soon? Concert tickets are paper! 

3. A Year of Dates - I made my husband a year of dates. I created an image and typed in the date on each one and sealed it an envelope that he is to open on the first day of each month. A gift for both of us to spend time together already scheduled in! 

4. Instagram Photos - I love Polagram! You can print images, posters, framed prints directly from your phone. Why not make a poster of your first year married full of images from your instagram account. 

5. Personalized Stationery - I know so many of us ladies have personalized stationery, but it is so nice to have some as a couple to write notes throughout the year or even get your husband his very first lovely note cards to send out! Personalized Stationery Smythson & Tinyprints Monogrammed Stationery

6. Train Ticket Print - I love the idea of planning a trip away, maybe a city nearby you have wanted to get to for a weekend trip or an excursion close by? I know we have a list of places to go in England! Personalized Train Ticket - Not On the High Street  

7. Personalized Prints - I am loving these prints Emma Block Wedding Illustration | Emma Block London Print I got Mr. Beau a custom print from our wedding to hang up in our flat as a gift for us. Its paper and such a fun and special gift to always have. 

8. Travel Books - Whether you are planning a trip, it is a local book with amazing ideas of things to do together or a beautiful coffee table of where you spent your honeymoon, a paper book is always a nice idea! Here are some of my favs: Alain Ducasse New York Book Where Chefs Eat ,Travel Guide the Amalfi Coast

Happy Anniversary! xoxo - Rebecca

Monday, June 15, 2015

Glimmer & Threads Events

In case you didn't know, not only do I blog, I also plan events. Weddings, birthdays, dinner parties, anniversaries, engagements, you name the celebration, I would love to work together! I know that I often share images over on Instagram of the event world I live in and earlier this year I introduced you to my new business, Glimmer & Threads but it hasn't been until these last few months where I have started to take on the planing opportunities full time and wanted to shout from the rooftops about working together! 
{Image by Abby Jiu Photography
 For the past thirteen years I have been working in the events industry planning events. I have found a love for the designing, styling and planning of a well executed event. Who doesn't love walking into a special occasion that is planned flawlessly with touches of a couple sprinkled creatively and tastefully around the night. I moved to London from the States almost three years ago after working in Washington DC and in Florida and am so grateful to have worked at some amazing venues and events along the way. In the past few years I have really grown to love the process of planning a wedding day in particularly,  the most magical day of a couples life. I love sharing in a couples love story and organizing it flawlessly and creatively to create a day for you to celebrate together that is unforgettable in every way.

Friday, June 12, 2015

I Fancy Friday….our wedding video

What I fancy this Friday, our wedding video. I have shared hundreds of photos our wedding day by now, but I had not shared a bit of our video. I figured since we are celebrating our first year of marriage, why not share our happiness with everyone. Video was something we had wanted but had not budgeted for. A friend of ours recommended Tim Richardson with There4Productions and seriously I couldn't recommend him enough. We decided to add it in and I couldn't be happier that we did. Not only did Tim show up wearing a shirt with palm trees on it {hello you know I love that!} but he wasn't in the way and I barely noticed him throughout the day, doing all of that an managing to capture four small videos that make me cry happy tears every time I watch them. 

I am posting a bit of our ceremony but you can find the other three videos at this link HERE

Still images are AMAZING and I absolutely can not preach enough about investing in an amazing photographer {oh yes Abby!} but there is something about being able to see your wedding day on screen, to be able to hear bits of the day and see everything that may have been a bit of a blur. 

To my amazing husband, seriously not to get sappy, but when I watch this video for the millionth time, I get a HUGE smile and get happy tears in my eyes. Thank you for allowing me to be your wife and continue to support me every day in all I am wanting to be. I know that there will be cloudy days and not every day will be filled with peony filled ballrooms and champagne towers but I also know there will be more filled with sunshine. I also know that even when we are 101 years old, I will see you as this handsome man I married in the white tuxedo and bow tie at the altar, that memory will always be with me. Thank you for always making me smile. Ik you van jou. 

xoxo - Rebecca

Wedding Week: The Best Memories

Off we go today, we are heading to Paris on the Eurostar for our one year wedding anniversary. I truly can not believe it has been a year! Mr. Beau and I have been together for almost ten years {for you new readers, his name is not Beau, its my nickname for him, so now, he's my Mr. Beau!} and our wedding day truly was the best day ever! I know I write about weddings often, I plan weddings and events for a living, I've been in friends weddings as a bridesmaids and attended a lot, however, the feeling of being the bride and getting married to your best friend and celebrating with everyone you love, well truly, it is a dream. I could go into lots of details but I will let the pictures do the talking for themselves. From getting ready with our friends, to seeing each other at the altar, dancing the night away, feeling like a princess, non stop smiling, oh the list goes on of just how amazing the day truly was! In our memory of the day, it was perfect and it will forever be the most beautiful memory to start our married life together. 

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Wedding Week: Our Wedding Details

Our wedding was full of little personalized details; from the save the dates to the welcome bags, the table linens to the waiters uniforms. We wanted our wedding day to have a classy but also party fun feel. We wanted it to feel like we were hosting a beautiful dressed up dinner party and not too much of a stuffy affair. Frans and I love to entertain, I have been working in events all of my life, so of course I wanted our wedding to be filled with little detail  here and there to make it a little more special. I thought I would create this post to inspire other couples to add a little bit of you as Mr. & Mrs. to your wedding day. The places you have lived, travelled, drinks you love, favorite restaurants, what country you are from, what restaurants you love to go to together. There are so many ways to incorporate these things into your day and I think it made it feel so US, that was the best detail of all! So here goes, photo overload with lots of little details...
Welcome Map - I was beyond lucky to work with my good friend from Florida, Laura with Make Merry!. Laura created a custom welcome card and map for all of our guests, pointing out the rehearsal dinner, welcome party, wedding venue and some London landmarks near by. We provided directions, a welcome note and itinerary for the weekend. 

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Wedding Week: How falling in Love is like Owning a Dog

I can NOT believe it has almost been a year since Mr. Beau and I got married! Yes, that is right, on Monday we will celebrate our one year anniversary! Crazy! Our wedding was featured on a wonderful blog, in a US magazine and in a UK magazine {seriously! You don't want to see it again!}, however since this is my blog and I tend to share so much about my life here on Urban Flip Flops {and even started the story with our engagement!} I knew I had to finally share the photos and little stories over here on my site. For the next few days I will be sharing a few bits of truly the best day ever, our wedding, it was! I wanted to start with a little advice and a little reading that we had at our wedding,
How Falling in Love is like Owning a Dog
by Taylor Mali 
We got a lot of laughs when they announced the reading, OK we are those dog owners, but it was such a nice way to incorporate something we love so much together, Sir Oliver and make it personal. And I have to say,after our first year of marriage, I realize it is pretty true, love may be like owning a dog.
How Falling in Love is like Owning a Dog
by Taylor Mali 

First of all, it’s a big responsibility,
especially in a city like New York.
So think long and hard before deciding on love.
On the other hand, love gives you a sense of security:
when you’re walking down the street late at night
and you have a leash on love
ain’t no one going to mess with you.
Because crooks and muggers think love is unpredictable.
Who knows what love could do in its own defense?
On cold winter nights, love is warm.
It lies between you and lives and breathes
and makes funny noises.
Love wakes you up all hours of the night with its needs.
It needs to be fed so it will grow and stay healthy.
Love doesn’t like being left alone for long.
But come home and love is always happy to see you.
It may break a few things accidentally in its passion for life,
but you can never be mad at love for long.
Is love good all the time? No! No!
Love can be bad. Bad, love, bad! Very bad love.
Love makes messes.
Love leaves you little surprises here and there.
Love needs lots of cleaning up after.
Somethimes you just want to get love fixed.
Sometimes you want to roll up a piece of newspaper
and swat love on the nose,
not so much to cause pain,
just to let love know Don’t you ever do that again!

Style for Paris: Ballet Flats

Mr. Beau and I are heading to Paris for the weekend and I couldn't be more excited! With the attempt of packing a small bag I know I need to pack only a few stylish essentials for the few days. Walking around London I can usually be seen wearing ballet flats and thankfully we are heading to the most stylish city in the world where almost every lady is wearing them all of the time. I've decided to pack a dressy pair and a classic pair and voila, stylish Paris footwear options ready. There are so many adorable affordable, splurge worthy, classic and playful options that are on my shopping list, I had to share! Oh how I love a little ballet flat any day of the week! Comfy & chic. 

1. French Sole Black Leather Classic Ballet Flat  | 2. French Sole India Metallic Shoe {classic with a little glimmer} | 3. SJP Leather Flat  | 4. LK Bennett Millye Patent Leather Flats  | 5. Salvatore Ferragamo Flats  {hello splurge worthy! on my wish list!} | 6. Spot Fun Bow Shoes | 7. ASOS Lyon Sling Back | 8. Aldo Sparkle Ballet Flats  | 9. River Island Ballerina Bow Flats {so inexpensive and SO cute} | 10. kate spade new york eleanor flat |{flamingos!!!!}  11. Tory Burch Leather Flat | 12. Ballerina Pink Tieks {my favs! comfy and available in a rainbow of options} 

Happy shopping! ooo la la, enjoy! xoxo - Becca

Monday, June 8, 2015

A Glittery At Home Bridal Shower

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A couple of months ago I designed and hosted a glittery bridal shower for one of my good friends here in London. Christa got married in the US last month but lives here in London. I didn't want her leaving London without a little girly celebration, so a few of us planned a fun afternoon celebrate before she headed across the pond for her big day. We decided on a bubbly tea for the bride to be! Champagne and cocktails served in teapots, tea sandwiches, lots of sweets and lots of sparkles. 
For a group of five guests, I decided to host the shower at home. Just because it was small, didn't mean we didn't need decorations! I think the end result was something I styled that was pretty, sparkly and special. With silver sequin linen to make it extra sparkly and fancy and special, I went to New Covent Flower Market and arranged the flowers myself. The table was set with a mix of high street items from West Elm {cutlery}, kate spade {polka dot plates}, DIY napkins {I glued on the pomp om fringe} to a few hire items {pastel charger plates}. The shower for five was something that could be set up at anyones little flat no matter how big or small.
I used my desk chair as the brides special seat since our table only seats 4 and I do think it worked out quite nice! 

Friday, June 5, 2015

I Fancy Friday v. 46

Happy Friday! Yay! It has been over two weeks since we were on our US holiday but it hasn't been until the last few days that I have finally gotten back in the swing of things here in London. Mr. Beau has a big exciting project at work this week and has been working a lot! I have been writing lots of proposals, attempting to clean up the flat during the week, getting back into healthy gear with gym workouts and cooking and getting excited for our weekend away next week in Paris! With wedding season under way I have lots going on behind the scenes of the blog and am looking forward to the weekend ahead of catching up with some friends and catching up on some projects. Throughout the week I have so many things that I fancy and am excited to share them with you after a few weeks being away. Let's just say….I fancy FRIDAY everyone! xoxo 

1. Our Wedding in Wedding Magazine - It was so fun to see our wedding featured in a local London wedding magazine. Almost a year after our big day, looking through photos from our wedding day never gets old to me. 

2. Udderlicious - Yesterday was GORGEOUS out in London! It felt like a beautiful Summer night and got me excited to head back to our local amazing ice cream shop. If you are in Islington, you have to swing by! The salted caramel, honeycomb, peanut butter…all delicious! 

3. Girl Holding Flowers  - You must check out this beautiful site for her amazing images. I am so in love with this picture of this girl holding some AMAZING flowers. 

4. Coconut Honey No Bake Energy Balls - I made this recipe over the week and have been snacking on a couple a day as a healthy treat. So easy. So good. I highly recommend it! 

5. Bonjour Paris Map  - We are heading to Paris for our 1 year anniversary next weekend and this adorable, beautiful illustrated map is going to help us find some interesting non touristy spots, can't wait! 

6. Hayden Reis Tote - In Love with the idea of creating my own summer tote. 

7. Keds Animal Print Skater  - Yep. Leopard print shoes have a little special place in my wardrobe. I seriously love a splash of leopard and this pair at Oasis might need to find their way into my wardrobe sooooon. 

8. Oasis V&A Tank Top Oasis and V&A flower shirt - Love this new collaboration between the V&A and Oasis! Pretty flowered print clothing that is affordable! 

9. Monogram Locket - I have always wanted a neat locket. One with my monogram???

10. Rosemary Greyhound Popsicles - yum! This recipe sounds like the perfect way to start happy hour!!

Happy Friday everyone!!! xoxo - Becca

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Thursday, June 4, 2015

My Sister's Wedding

My oldest sister got married while we were in the States last month and it was such a blast to celebrate with them! I knew when my graphic designer, crazy creative sister said it would just be a casual small celebration...that would be a lie! We arrived two nights before the big day and there was a lot in motion. Her office was full of gold, peach, pinks and splashes of black & white, while that sounds similar to our big day, nope,  it was different. While it may have been a bit stressful getting there, my sister and her husband's wedding was so fab, a little funky, a little DIY, pretty and fun!

I put together a few ideas that inspired me from her big day. Gold metallic photo backdrop fringe, a geometric wedding cake, pops of coral, bright pink floral and lots of sparkle mixed in. 
Scroll down to see images from the real wedding day, it was a blast! 

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

US Road Trip 2015 - Summer Holiday

Two weeks ago Mr. Beau and I went back to the States to visit family, friends and attend my sisters wedding. We decided to make it a little bit of an adventure and rent a car and make it a road trip. What a trip we had! Ready for photo overload? Here are some of my favorite photos taken via my fancy camera, the iPhone! 

The image of Central Park from my window when we were connecting from Newark to Boston. Isn't that an amazing photo! We got engaged at a restaurant overlooking Central Park so it always holds fun memories to me. Seeing it from my plane window made me a bit sentimental and excited to be back in the States after not being back for six months.

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Hello! - Brush Lettering Workshop with Quill London

Hello! I am back! With the last month filled to the brim with travel and visitors, I decided to take a little time off from the blog. But now, I'm back and excited to share lots of my adventures over the past couple of months with you. Last month I was lucky enough to attend a fun evening hosted by the lovely Lucy from Quill London. Back in December I took one of their Modern Calligraphy classes and really loved learning the introduction to this skill {not easy at all! but fun!}. I loved the class and was excited when Lucy invited me for an evening out to try their new class, Brush Lettering
Whether you are getting married and want to try a go at writing your place cards or you just want to learn a new skill and leave with a pretty print for your house, I highly recommend the class! The class is taught by the super talented and also super sweet Emma Block and Teri Muncey from The Lovely Drawer.  Both ladies are uber talented and also super patient in teaching what they make look so easy. 

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