Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Happy Birthday Julia!

Today would mark the queen of the kitchen, Julia Child's 100th birthday! What a lady she was! Since I was in elementary school I have always loved cooking. I would call my mom everyday at the office asking if I could take over the kitchen for dinner, even in middle school. I remember hearing Julia's voice on PBS teaching how to make french bread or roast a chicken and I thought, wow, who was this woman! Well, over the years, I learned just who she was, an amazing lady who brought the French basics to America during a time where ladies didn't do such a thing. 
While living in DC I was lucky to be able to see Julia Child's exhibit at the Smithsonian where they actually replicated her kitchen, it is a must see. The kitchen is not a fancy place but a functional one! The last few years when Julie & Julia came out, it only extended my love of the American French woman chef. Today I will raise a glass of French red wine, eat a baguette and toast to Julia! For making us all love stepping into the kitchen! 

{essential Kitchen items by Julia: wine while cooking, herbs de provence, a quality pot for cooking stews and roasts, rolling pin, kitchen basic tools, dish cloths, a fabulous apron}


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