Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Something Blue

Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue. Maybe it is because I am a September baby and I will always love my birthstone the Sapphire. Maybe it is also because I love the celebration of a wedding and the traditional something blue aspect of the day. A few days ago my friend introduced me to this gorgeous engagement ring designer, Bear Brooksbank, and it was her collection of stunning sapphire rings that caught me eye. The idea of having a beautiful sparkly sapphire on your wedding day as your something blue is fabulous. If not a sparkly blue ring, how about some shiny blue nails. I think there is a little way to add that bit of blue splash into your big day whether its your bridesmaids dresses, a bouquet, a cocktail ring or even some fabulous shoes. 

Happy Wedding Planning! 

xoxo - Rebecca

Friday, September 25, 2015

I Fancy Friday v.50

What a week it has been! I can't NOT believe it is already Friday. WOW! I also can not believe it is my 50th Fancy Friday post. Next weeks post, #51, I will be giving away a few things I fancy. Wow, 50 Fridays of Fancy since I moved to London, wow, very fun. 
 Last week flew by in front of me with nights of events one after the other. Mr. Beau's birthday was last weekend and then mine was on Wednesday. Mixing in training runs and work, my my my, I have been looking forward to the weekend SO much! A little R&R time, a huge run ahead and lots of planning for a couple of upcoming shoots. Friday, I fancy you! Over the past week there have been quite a few things that I have fancied and I wanted to share. I hope everyone has an AMAZING weekend ahead! I know I am looking forward to a few more hours of sleep. 
xoxo Rebecca

1. 25 Fall Bouquets - hello big beautiful bouquet, isn't that gorgeous! It is getting me inspired for a shoot I am planning. I have a thing for BEAUTIFUL big arrangements

2. Quill London paper flower workshop - SO fun that Quill is offering paper flower workshops. Head over to the site, there are a few spots left! 

3. Naomi Watts Emmy Dress - absolutely one of my favorite Emmy dresses. She were beautiful Dior and the back with filled with little flowers and...it had pockets! 

4. Gold Sequin Apple Ornament  - I have an upcoming project based around Christmas, so my mind has been in Christmas ornament land. I am loving this golden apple, very NYC theme sparkle bauble. 

5. Pink Ruffle Shift Dress - What do we think about this cute number? #weddingblogawards material?

6. Yawn Pajamas  - This company is UK based and offers some super sweet pj's. As tired as I am feeling this week, I would love to cuddle up in these chambray pair and lay on the couch for hours. 

7. Lauren Conrad Pink Saddlebag - Lauren Conrad is pretty super cute, however, her new line at Kohl's is as well. I heart this bag and may just need to add it to my closet when we visit the States. Pink, a cute handle, a gold lock, its lovely. 

8. How to pull off a bright lip - The lipstick Camille has in this post is fab! 

9. Green Smoothie Tropical Skin Cleanser & Pumpkin Spice Smoothie - I'm on a smoothie kick and these are two of my favs! Lots of spinach, avocado, a banana, almond milk, throw it all in your blender, its pretty delicious! This site has some amazing recipes so hop on over.

10. Swift Fitness - Looking for a new workout? Don't have a crazy amount of time or want to commit to an expensive gym? I've been heading to Swift Fitness, which for me is lucky because it is seriously outside my flat. There are a few locations in London and in the class in Highbury is amazing. It is always different and you are ALWAYS moving. It is not a bootcamp where you will leave crying after someone screamed at you for hours, but one that is encouraging for all levels and leaves you feeling sore, good sore, when you head home. Try it out. I love it!

Also, a little reminder that I'm giving away 2 tickets to Brides the Show next weekend along with some other sparkly fun. Head over to the link to find details.

xoxo Becca

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Thursday, September 24, 2015

Sips, Sweets & Birthday Treats

Yesterday I celebrated my 34th birthday. Yes, you read correct, I did not turn 24 I turned 34 ;) I love glitter, pink and lots of macarons and am still a 24 year old at heart! With another year of celebrating ahead of me, I thought it would be a fun time to share some fun images I took with Maxeen Kim and Tea America's sweets. Birthdays bring along lots of sweet indulgence in my book! 
 These cookies and cocktails make me think of living life to the happiest and fullest. I mean, doesn't a nice iced bottle of classic coca cola and a cookie sandwich make you smile? It does to me! April with Tea America created a chocolate chip cookie sandwich which was DELICIOUS! I combined a classic  Coke float with a little bit of vanilla vodka and homemade strawberry syrup for a delicious dessert cocktail. Together both are a birthday celebration for sure! 
 Last year I made a lot of resolutions on my birthday, maybe a few too many, however a lot of them I was able to reach. I started my own business Glimmer & Threads, Mr. Beau and I went on some adventures and I've tried to say no more to make room for the YES things I want in my life. This year ahead brings a lot of exciting things in my life but also ones that get me a bit stressed, OK, but like I said, also excited. I'm at the age now after being married for over a year and in my thirties where everyone begins to ask about kids. Friends and family from the States ask us about our plans of heading back to the States. I think about my career and what is next for my business and myself on an hourly basis. All of these subjects are fun but also cause a little anxiety sometimes! Sometimes these topics make me want to eat a lot of cookies and a Coke float! 

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Fall Fashion Favs

The weather has certainly switched here in London. It was a beautiful weekend, but when you were out of the sunshine, you could feel the chill. I have been delaying the process of putting away my summery outfits and bringing out my wool sweater and boots, but I think it is time. Always around this time of year, probably because it was a tradition during back to school time, but I start itching for some new pieces to add to my wardrobe. This year I am loving some classic refreshes and some fun sparkly just because pieces. Here are a few of my favorite pieces that I so wouldn't mind adding to my closet. 

Tomorrow is my 34th birthday {gasp! how did that HAPPEN!} and I find myself steering towards nice basic pieces this time of year. What is happening I don't know! Notice no pink above, no bow and flowery sweaters, don't you worry...that pretty crisp clean white shirt will get jazzed up with a big pink flower pin! A new white shirt, a classic black skirt, a tan lady bag, these are all items I would love to shine up my look heading into a new year! 

It is a new year for me tomorrow, I deserve a little wardrobe refresh right:)! 

xoxo Becca

*You can see some other items I have my eye on over here. SHOP THE LOOK

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Brides the Show Giveaway

Last week I wrote a post about living in London for three years, I can not believe how fast time flies and on the other hand, how it seems like it has been forever! I also mentioned in the post that I would be posting a few give aways over the next few weeks, yippee, today is the first one! Today I am excited to be sharing a wedding themed give away with TWO TICKETS TO THE OPENING NIGHT OF BRIDES THE SHOW! Very fun! I have included a few other little wedding goodies to go along with the two tickets and will be including a few other surprises when the winner receives their package. 
Keep reading below for details and how to enter to win an evening out at 
Brides the Show on Friday, 2nd of October, 2015. 
I have attended Brides the Show for the past two years and have found it to be one of the best bridal shows around! The suppliers at the show are really top notch, stylish and the type of companies I would have wanted to hire for my big day  and ones that I like to work with on events. It is truly a fun night out with your besties, your maid of honor and/or your mom! Grab yourself some bubbly, watch the runway and get ready to be inspired. The show is truly a great wedding idea night out in London! 
 Obviously if you are attending a stylish and fun show to get inspiration for your wedding day, you will need a super cute notepad to write down all of your ideas in. How pretty is this notebook from Berinmade. Use it to keep all of your wedding notes and ideas in. If you are not familiar with Berinmade, make sure to head over to their site for ideas on wedding stationery as well! I can not say enough of how pretty their items are. 
Planning your wedding is a celebration and an extremely fun party with your husband and your closest friends & family! Why not hang this adorable and fun print near your desk to get you excited for the party day! A little bubbly for the big day is always fun! Print by Undergroundcards .  
I am also including the latest issue of Brides magazine to get you ready for the show and excited for the big day. I LOVE the inspiration shoots put together in the magazine along with so many other amazing ideas. 


1. Follow me on Instagram HERE @rldamato & REPOST the image below from the account stating what you are most looking forward to seeing at Brides the Show. 

2. Extra entries for retweeting:
 "I want to win tickets to Brides the Show tickets from @urbanflipflops

Contest closes Sunday, 27th of September. 

Good Luck! xoxo - Becca 

*If you like the silver linen in the background, click on over to my business site, Glimmer & Threads to see the larger selection for hire to use on your wedding day! 

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*I have not been paid for this post. I like the products I am giving away and enjoy sharing these readers. 
All opinions are my own. 

Monday, September 14, 2015

Working Women: Lucy with Quill London

It has been really fun sharing so many amazing women over the last couple of years in my series of Working Women. Today I am excited to share another lovely lady in the biz with you, Lucy from Quill London. I discovered Lucy's company when I was looking for some stylish stationery in London. I had just moved here and I was on a search for some brands from the States that I loved like Rifle Paper Co. and Kate Spade and was pretty psyched when I came up on her chic site! I have gotten to know Lucy in the past year after attending a series of amazing calligraphy workshops she organizes and can say, this lady is one business women who is truly in love with what she is doing and the company she is creating. Enjoy the Q&A from Quill London and make sure to check out the site! 

When did you start your business? 
I took the plunge and launched in August 2012 after many years of cold feet!
What advice do you have for younger women looking to start their own business? 
You have nothing to lose by giving it a go. You don't event need to jump in with both feet to start with - there's a huge movement of women out there still in full time jobs running a successful business on the side. 
I'm not saying it's easy, but it's possible. 
 {photo above from Lucy's big day! Image by Photography by Krishanthi}

How would you describe the ideal Quill London client? 
Our customers are mainly women (but not all), quite creative and stylish. 

Do you have a trademark style that you like to stock in your shop? 
We do like a flash of neon and a touch of gold! And you can't go wrong with a polka dot!

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Life In London : Three Years Later

It honestly seems like a lifetime ago that I wrote this post about moving across the pond. So much has happened since we packed up our little yellow house in Florida and made a big move to this amazing city. I loved London when I studied here during a semester abroad, but after living here for almost three years, I tend to fall in love with a new thing here all of the time. From a new boutique, a coffee shop, a quaint street, meeting new friends, new British sayings, life here has been a little adventure. 
Living abroad from my family and friends has challenges no doubt, however life with Facetime and Instagram has seriously changed our life. Mr. Beau and I have had an amazing few years of adventures just the two of us discovering a new city together and life as newlyweds in a new country.

A few of my favorite posts from the city in the past three years: 

Dining Out In London: Bob Bob Ricard {the place to PRESS champagne} | An Afternoon Tea at Sketch | Dining Out In London | The Pig & The Butcher 

The drawing above is a little bit of me right now, my current life and loves. 
I was SO excited after commenting on a fabulous Instagram connection, Floorinthehouse, when she soon after illustrated a LOVELY sketch of me. {Her email is on her Instagram account but in case you do NOT have an account it is: floorinthehouse@gmail.com Oh and you need an Instagram account if you don't have one, come on!}. 
An American girl at heart and will always be, but quite loving the city I am living in and the British culture. I love planning events filled with lots of bubbly and seeing a couple toast to a wonderful marriage and being filled with happiness at the end of the evening. I love filling our flat or a wedding or my desk with overflowing amounts of peonies. I married a fabulous Dutch man, my Mr. Beau and tulips will forever hold a special place in my heart as a favorite flower. Since living in London I have discovered more and more amazing shops for clothes, parties, our flat and the list doesn't end, hence the shopping bags. And entertaining, well yes, that I truly love. I love to cook and make treats and have parties to celebrate them with. I love a lot of healthy, but life is too short not to have a bit of sweet, right? The bow shoes well, you can usually find me wearing these when coordinating an event or wearing my bow slippers on the couch with a glass of vino. I do love a bow!  Floorinthehouse....THANK YOU for my life in London sketch! 

In the next two weeks I will posting a few London themed giveaways, so keep your eyes out for them. Wedding related London events & goodies and healthy British favorites. 

Thank you for following over the last few years! This is an ongoing adventure and while some days I find myself crazed, I always remind myself how lucky we are and how life in London is pretty fabulous. 


xoxo - Becca

Monday, September 7, 2015

Flower Frenzy : Wedding Inspiration

It is no secret that I am a totally flower obsessed person. A pretty vase of blooms makes me so happy.  You can often see my weekly purchases at the market over on my Instagram feed. A big arrangement of over sized peonies or single vases of delicate sweet peas, everything about a pretty fresh flower just lifts up my mood. That being said, a wedding full of gorgeous flowers is right up my alley. You can imagine how excited I was when I watched the film Dior and I and was completely wowed and inspired by their flower filled fashion show, OMG!
I was watching my dream event on TV with models  strutting through a flower filled runway. The show was stunning. Dior created a runway that was set in a private house in Paris and covered each room from floor to ceiling in flowers. 
Incorporating a huge flower installation into one portion of your wedding whether it is a ceremony backdrop, a ceiling installation for dinner, a photo backdrop, whatever it may be, be ready for you and your guests to be swooning over it like I was watching this fashion show. Here are a few images of flower filled events that I oh so love, mixed in with images from the 2012 Christian Dior Fashion Show. 
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