Monday, March 13, 2017

Working Women: Caroline Bragg

I always really love sharing amazing women that I meet with everyone. From friends of mine that have become successful entrepreneurs, talented artists, florists, the list goes on of the wonderful women I have been able to feature over here on the blog for my Working Women feature. I have been lucky to connect with such inspiring ladies and if they have been able to encourage me in small and big ways, I always think it is great to share them with the world! 

Today I am excited to feature the fabulous Caroline Bragg. Caroline is a fitness and pilates personal trainer here in London. I have been able to get to know Caroline over the past few months and have discovered that she is so much more then a personal trainer. Caroline begin as an actress, has years of experience with children from working in a nursery and has been able to turn her love of fitness into her business over the past few years. I was lucky to meet her during her amazing pre natal fitness classes at FRAME and decided to invest in myself post pregnancy and have had her along my side encouraging me to get back to my healthy prenatal self since having Fleur. Caroline is always smiling, full of spunk and is one heck of a motivator. I am glad to introduce her to my Working Women series.  

Tell us a bit about yourself and your business: 
I actually started off as an actress. I went to stage school and loved it but always kept active ( my mum was really into aerobics in the 90's - think leotards). I trained to teach classes first as a side line in between acting jobs but enjoyed it so much that I decided to take the plunge and went head first into the fitness industry about four years ago full time. I'm now a personal trainer and Pilates instructor. I mainly work with pre and post natal clients, which I love. I work closely with Mumhood which is the love child (excuse the pun) of Frame founders Pip and Joan. I also teach on postnatal retreats in France with &breathe postnatal. For someone who hasn't had children yet, I spend a large amount of time with under one year olds! 

When did you start your business of personal training ?
Full time, four years ago. It took awhile for me to go for it as I still enjoyed acting but it wasn't enough. My job has to be a passion for me and I think I wasn't OK with passions changing but I'm glad I did go for it! 
What advice do you have for younger women looking to start in the industry?
When I first started I thought I needed to be a certain way in looks and manner but actually your uniqueness is your selling point. As long as you are a good communicator, you being your best is what will work! 

The fitness industry has exploded over the last few years and especially with the use of Instagram there are a lot of people who aren't qualified posting workouts etc. My advice is to do as many courses, take as many classes, read articles - knowledge is power.

Friday, March 10, 2017

I Fancy Friday v. 59

Happy Friday everyone! WOW! Time flies around here. I have had a packed couple of weeks. Ok well, having an almost six month old, every day seems to be an adventure and packed with an activity...even if its a walk to the park. haha. No really, I travelled a lot last month, have two big projects going on, it is a busy house around here. This weekend my husband {"Mr. Beau"} and are both home and are looking forward to hopefully heading to a gallery for a few hours, maybe the Hockney exhibition and a long walk to a park with #babygirlkobus and #siroliveruk. Recently when Mr.Beau is home all weekend and not working, I cherish the time more and more, just the four of us {that is Oliver included, of course!} What are you up to this weekend? Anything you fancied this week? I know I've got a busy week ahead of me so I'm just trying to get stuff done today and relax this weekend! Below are a few little things I have fancied throughout the week, enjoy! It is Friday, I fancy it, hope you do as well! 

 1. I am ALWAYS a huge fan an oversized bouquet. A flowing, huge beauty! If we could do our wedding over or renew our vows, I'd have a monster of a bouquet, just because! Isn't this an amazing one by Bloomingayles gorgeous! 

2. I gave up all meat for Lent and am following a vegetarian diet for 40 days. We made these Falafel Veggie Bowl  and aside from soaking the chickpeas, it is such an easy recipe and so delicious! I've started making a habit of on Sunday evenings preparing all of my vegetables and roasting items so I can have yummy bowls throughout the week. 

3. London brides to be what are you up to next weekend? You should head over A Most Curious Wedding Fair  at the Truman Brewery. This is a "not typical" wedding fair filled with stylish and interesting suppliers from London and around the UK, I highly recommend it! Also, as a new mum business lady I'm LOVING their posts on Jugglist Massive !!!! Check them out, I relate SO much! 

4. If there is one thing at the top of my list for Spring they are these amazing Rifle Paper Shoes that I am stalking. I love them so! Please find a way into my life. 

5. So last weekend my phone was stolen from me while walking home in the park. Yep, snatched right out of my hands during a sunny morning. AWFUL right! ugh. Well, lets just say THANK GOODNESS for the iCloud. My photos are still here. I would have been devastated to find all of my photos of Fleur, gone. I am thinking I need to take my actual camera out more to get camera photos  instead of always my phone, maybe I will start, maybe. Just makes me think, what if they were not recovered! 

6. I got this Pineapple Wax Seal the other day at Quill London. Why, because, it is adorable, pretty and well, it may have a place in an upcoming project. 

7. A new handbag. A pink handbag. I'm loving these pink "lady bags"! Perfect additions for Spring. Top Handled Pebbled Leather Satchel Jemma Bag the JOJO

8. After six months being a new mum, life is great but also a little tiring. Mr. Beau keeps encouraging to get away for a night alone. At first I was not into this idea, but recently I think a day away could be great. I am thinking of a little outing to Bath. Has anyone stayed at No.15 Great Pulteney ? This place looks stylish and perfect for an escape! 

Happy Friday everyone! Hope you have great plans ahead!!! 

xox Rebecca

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