Wednesday, August 1, 2012

July where did you GO?

Hello August 2012! Where did you go July? It has been a busy Summer full of traveling for me and when I realized that today is August 1st, I thought, Whoa, slow down! I have a lot to do this month! July was an amazing 31 days full of fun adventures and while I get stressed out often in the moment, it is fun to look back and think that yes, I am a lucky girl for sure! 
I went to Seattle for work/visit my sister and had a wonderful trip! We just happen to be eating by the water on a Thursday night that just so happens to be the night they have a sailing regatta, weekly. The sailboats were GORGEOUS and of course I loved seeing the hear sails go by. I had enough time that I was able to get lost downtown and enjoy strolling through the Seattle Public Market, tasting a little of this and a little of that. My sister's pug Hugo was my little bedmate for a few days and not having a small dog of my own, I loved a little pug cuddle time! We went out on the boat "crabbing". My sister laughed when I said I was expecting our traps to filled like on the Deadliest Catch, however, the picture above was the one and only crab we caught, sad. However, being out on the water was an amazing day! There is something about the West Coast that I absolutely love. Last but not least, mid month, we put a big white sign in the front of our house...yep, you guessed it, looking for a house in Fort Lauderdale, I know of a nice one for sale {wink, wink}. 

My next trip was to Boston to celebrate one of my besties baby showers. Christa, the supermodel mama to be looked amazing in her little striped dress. It was such a nice weekend to see my college besties and hang out with Jenn's little girls including my new mini bestie, Leila. Having no nieces and nephews, I find it so much fun to play dolls and play "Auntie Becca" with my friends little munchkins! I arrived home from Boston and was in the car bright and early for the Floridian Weddings Road Trip! The top photo was taken at an adorable road side Orange shop, too cute to describe and the bottom right corner is of the Floridian Weddings team by the water, a great great trip! I arrived home and went straight to a tasting and decor meeting for my October bride in Miami and then I had visitors arrive the next day, phew. Busy, but a great week! 

That was it, July! Thank you for being so fun! I am beyond excited to share with you what August has in store for me, Oliver and Beau...but not quiet yet. 

How has your Summer been so far? 


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