Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Crumpets. Tea. Kate Middleton and Me!

For the last couple of months I have been dying to share the big news with everybody and have been waiting for the right day to come. No, I am not having a baby, nope, not getting married { yet! } but Beau, Oliver and I are making a big move together as a little family. We have gone back and forth whether this is the right decision, whether it will ever be the good time to do this, whether if we decided not to do this and we looked back years later we would regret it. Well here we go, as of last Friday we announced to every one we know, officially, that we have decided to move....Across The Pond! Yep! Me, Beau and Sir Oliver are heading to London and can not wait. 
As of next Friday we will packing up our little yellow house in Fort Lauderdale and saying good bye to the land of sun and palm trees and heading across the Atlantic to the land of rainy days, pubs and afternoon tea. I'm not going to lie, I will miss the sun, however... we can't wait! Yes, there have been A LOT of flip flops through out these past few months and I know there will be huge ones to come, but the idea of this little adventure together makes me beyond excited. I moved to Florida a little over two years ago after living in a city that I had a major crush on {DC} to be with Beau and start our new life in Florida. I started a new job, I met some wonderful new friends, got involved in new organizations, got a fabulous little puppy, stopped working around the clock like in Washington and was able to have been part of a huge adventure with Floridian Weddings that I am beyond proud of. Moving to Florida was a giant leap for me! 

I can remember the day I packed up my cute little apartment in Washington, my bestie from elementary school Besse surprised me with hiring people to repaint it! I was working events back to back around the clock, both of grandfathers passed away, I didn't know how I was going to get it all done, leave the city I loved and relocate to the Sunshine state while being happy. Luckily I was able to have an amazing group of friends around me that helped me get through it, they helped me pack and even threw me the sweetest going away party. Yes, I still miss Washington, I miss the city, I miss my friends, I miss the morning runs with Meg and Cerys, I miss late night dinners at the Source with Pam and Robin, I miss my nights at home drinking wine and watching chick shows and reading magazines and living the single girls life, I miss packing up to take weekend trips to visit Beau and seeing him when I got off the plane, however, I wouldn't give up these last two years of my life at all. I think I will leave Florida learning a little bit more about myself and a lot more about my relationship, I wouldn't give that up. Mornings spent on bike rides with Sir Oliver, walks close to the beach, breakfast by the pool, dinners outside, all of these things I will cherish and remember forever, but as much I sometimes cried and screamed being here, I know it has made me an even more independent person and my relationship with Beau has grown, my ideas of being able to create things on my own has become reality, friends and family actually mean even more now that I am not living as close to them as I once was. Florida was a fantastic time, but we are excited and over the moon of the next step we are taking 

I lived in London during a semester abroad in college the winter/spring of 2001-2002 and can not stop thinking of what my experience was then, wow how life has changed since I was 20! I keep rethinking of talking with my sister after I got home from the semester about how it would be a DREAM to live there when I am older and WOW, I honestly can't believe that the dream is happening!!!! Beau and I watched the Olympics this year constantly saying, "We are going to live there!", so exciting, it was not real! Seeing Kate Middleton's cute "high street" outfits in magazines makes me think, mental note where did she buy that! I have already started my Pinterest board of Across the Pond, London is on my mind! I guess you could say I am a bit of an Anglophile, so it is crazy to think that crumpets, tea and well, maybe Kate & Will, will be part of the daily routine {or just seeing Miss Middleton on front of the daily pages!}. 

I know I will be posting a lot {maybe too much!} about our upcoming move but I coudn't keep it in anymore and had to share! Visas, car sales, house selling, goodbye cocktails, yard sales, craigs lists, road trips, all of these things are coming in the next few weeks but in 22 days, we will be settling in London!!!! yay! So for now I am off to get some tasks completed for the day, pack up some boxes and enjoy maybe the pool for an hour! Cheers! Thanks for reading my novel! I can't wait to share everything with you along the way! 


{thank you Courtney Ortiz for the fun photos!!!}


  1. So excited for your move!! What an amazing adventure!!

    1. Thank you Lacy!!! So glad to see that life in DC is treating you well:) Your engaged? Super exciting! Keep in touch!!! xoxo


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