Friday, July 24, 2009

over packed

All my bags are packed and I'm ready to go!!!! Yay! Vacation time! My auto reply message is up. My bags are totally over packed and I'm ready to head off to stop #1 on my fun filled summer vacation.

First stop is weekend with my girls! College girlfriend weekend in Skaneateles NY. Such a cute cute town. Jenn is from there and all 5 of us are going to her sisters house. We can't wait to see expecting "mama Jenn". Our first friend to have a little one on the way!!! On Monday we are heading to the CUSE to have lunch on campus and don't worry, I'll take many college pics!
Monday I am heading down to Fort Lauderdale to be with Beau for a few days. Miss him! I am looking forward to lots of time in the sun (what my new big hat was purchased for!). My mom arrives on Thursday and the two of us are driving to Naples Florida for a little R&R until Sunday. Then its back to life here in DC until ......I figure out my move date to sunny Florida, job, all that stuff! For now, I will finish my cocktail (grapefruit vodka and limeade) and not think about all of the real world stuff. Vacation awaits me!!!!!!


Thursday, July 23, 2009

bad hair day

It's humid, rainy or I'm running late, my go to hair style, a ponytail and a headband! Recently I have realized that my headband collection is growing growing growing. A little teasing, a little hair powder, elastic, headband, done.

Hair powder is a must! It makes my hair hold the little bit of tease and the pouf you need for the pony. I am a huge fan of Bumble and Bumble spray powder. I use the "blondish". The powder comes in all different shades, don't be afraid, its amazing! Try it!

Even when I was little I was obsessed with headbands. I wonder if my bow, flower, headband love will ever go away? I don't think so. I love everything from the drugstore Goody elastic headbands for every day or a headband I spent more on then a pair of shoes for an event. Today it is raining so I decided a little flower would brighten it up...I'm rockin the yellow flowers:)


Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Wednesday Day Dreams

My fabulous friend Meg sent this board to me a few weeks ago. She said it was SO ME! I love it. It makes me happy. The black and white, pinks, Lily Allen, the cotton candy machine. This board made me dream. ooooo, what if I could have a cotton candy machine at home and make cocktails for a party topped with fluffy pink cotton candy!

I'm day dreaming in the middle of the week! xoxo

Ruffles! Obsessed.

I have been obsessed with Ruffles for awhile, but recently...LOVE! I saw this black dress at Anthropologie on Sunday and can't get it out of my mind! I must have this! The red dress that Cat Deeley wore on So You Think You Can Dance (one of my new summer love shows!) was AMAZING. Recently everything I see in with frilly ruffles, I fall in love with. I leave for vacation on Friday and I have my ruffly J.Crew bikini packed. I'm bringing the frills to the beach. Hopefully I can add the ruffly Anthro black dress to my closet soon.

Black Swirled Rosette Dress - Anthropologie $188
Satin Flower Bobby Pin - Forever 21 $1.80
Flynn Metallic Snake Ruffle Sandal - Loeffler Randall $225
One Shoulder Ruffle Top - Target $14.99
Motif Ruffle Sandal - Steve Madden $29.95
Cat Deeley's Red Dress ....who knows who made it and how much? She styles herself. I LOVE THAT DRESS!!!!!


Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Day Trip to Philly

I haven't set the exact date, but I know my move is coming up soon. I have been learning to take advantage of every minute I have to spend my time with friends. One of my bestest girlfriends from college lives in Philly. I hadn't seen Christa for so long! We only live two and a half hours away and I know that soon I will not be a train ride but a plane ride away. I decided last minute to take full advantage of my Sunday off and hopped on the train after my event at work, late Saturday night. What a fabulous day we had out in Philly! If you haven't been to the city of brotherly love recently or are planning a day trip there, take our quick trip list and go!

After a few cups of coffee we managed to pull ourselves off the couch and grab a QUICK breakfast. Marathon on the Square has AMAZING breakfast quesadilla (get it with turkey sausage. yum.) A few bites into our yummy dish we realized we had to run off to house hunting. I got to tag along with the DeSiderato's while they looked at potential condos. Fun for me! After looking at units with views and a building with a pool, Christa and I decided it was time for some pampering and shopping time in shopping in Rittenhouse Square.

The Anthropologie there is awesome! The building is so interesting and its a great 4 level store. I am now obsessed with a few new items. Thanks Anthro. We always seem to be able to manage spending at least an hour there browsing. A few shops later we decided we needed a break and got a table at Parc. I felt like I was in Paris! Parc is an adorable Bistro and Cafe. It was the perfect place to drink rose and people watch. I could go to Parc everyday, read a book an drink some wine, I'm in love! After some yummy frites and a few glasses of wine we decided we were ready for something sweet.

The day ended with a trip to the chocolate filled restaurant, Max Brenner's Chocolate by the Bald Man. OMG. I don't know what to say, Brandi, you would have been in love! Chocolate chocolate chocolate. Around the table we had chocolate martinis, chocolate "concoctions", gooey cakes and ice cream sandwiches. It was out of control. I would go again, however....I would share! I have a complete sweet tooth, but couldn't finish my cookie sandwich with marshmallow fluff, peanut butter ice cream, soft baked chocolate cookie and peanut butter dip.

When I got on the train at 9:30pm I was full, relaxed, sleepy and SO happy that I had gone up to Philly for the day. I'm glad I made the day trip fun filled and packed. I wish I lived in the same city as my sisters and my besties, maybe some day, for now the Amtrak or a plane ticket will have to do even if its for a day full of wine, shopping and good girl time.


Friday, July 17, 2009

A Beer and a Burger

Today Beau is opening the doors to his new location in Plantation, FL. If you live in the Southern Florida area, stop by today! Duffy's will have a band, lots of deals and well...beau will be there;) Me, well thinking of the opening made me crave a yummy summer brew and a burger. Now don't get me wrong, they sell much more then burgers. However, isn't there something about a hot summer day that makes you want to grill outside and drink an ice cold beer. Ok, well I do! I wish I had a backyard where I could invite everybody over and maybe make the mini burgers that are so cutely displayed above.

Fresh, Fabulous, Fun

A few weeks ago Sidra Forman did the flowers and chuppah at a wedding at work. They were so pretty, natural, seasonal and lovely. I had never worked with Sidra before and after looking at her site was so interested in her work.
Yesterday, I had the pleasure of going over to her house for lunch with my colleague Pam. We had such a lovely time! Sidra is so much more then a florist. She has created such a wonderful lifestyle of eating well, growing gardens, arranging flowers and teaching others to use the items that are available in their local markets and farms. It was so much more then a networking lunch, I felt like I had known her years. Sidra has a beautiful garden in the back of her house that has an amazing fig tree and many flowers that she uses for her arrangements. For lunch she had just baked fresh bread and a yummy green bean salad and a chopped veggie salad, the homemade cashew butter was amazing.

I learned during lunch that Sidra and her husband use to own a restaurant, before that she was a lawyer. Now Sidra and her husband have started opening their home as a restaurant every now and then. Guests have been a mix of new friends, old friends, birthdays and celebrations. I was so inspired when I left of what she has created and it made me want to go home, cook a healthy dinner and change some of my daily habits.
The usual networking turned into such a pleasant surprise. Lunch ended with a yummy cup of french press coffee and homemade vegan fresh mint, chocolate cookies. Maybe we can all get together for a dinner soon at Sidra's Restaurant 1508. It would be a delightful evening!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Wedding Blogs

Ok, so I have this thing with wedding blogs. No, Beau and I are not tying the knot soon. I think it is the business I am in, I miss last year's Summer of Love or I just love a pretty wedding:) Daily I check out Style Me Pretty and Ritzy Bee and drool over the beautiful photos they post. I wanted to share a few blogs that posted photos from my last two weddings at the Newseum. The photography at both weddings was AMAZING!

Matt Mendelson photographed Alicia and Ryan's wedding. The were such a beautiful couple inside and out and I think his pictures captured that well!

The photos on Bridal Bubbly are all from Tiwi and Bryce's wedding that I wrote about a couple of weeks ago. The wedding was really wonderful!




For fun I included a few pictures from my girlfriends Summer of Love last year. Brandi, aka Miss Bliss, had some gorgeous wedding photos as well. The other photo is from Christa's wedding that took place at her parents house, this was my favorite pic of Christa and the girls at the end of the night. ooooooo....the Summer of Love! I will post about that later on this Summer:)

A Cupcake Day!

Monday. Monday. Monday's are not easy. I had a long tiring day and all I wanted to do was get home and relax. I was so excited when I arrived home tonight and had a box. I ordered this picture quite a few weeks after after seeing it on Ritzy Bee's blog and almost forgot about it. I think that they may have forgotten about me as well because I received a "free gift" in the box as a little surprise (the cake photo). The box was even addressed cutely and inside the box it was event cuter, including candies!

I love this picture and can't wait to put it on my new desk, whatever desk that may be. How can you not smile with a picture that says "Keep Calm and have a Cupcake Day". Jenny's Bake Shop on Etsy has them available in blue, pink, black and yellow. It is so sweet!...You know my love of cupcakes....I had to have it!

Thursday, July 9, 2009


Recently I feel like it's after the holidays! The Summer sales are everywhere! I know I need to be saving up for my move, but I ....couldn't help it;) I like to say I deserve them, a few sale splurges! Take advantage of the sales now before Fall comes and everything is FULL PRICE again! Happy shopping!!! xoxo

Kate Spade - 25% off of sale items. I bought the green purse for more then 50% off the original price and am loving the bright green bag for Summer.

JCrew - an additional 20% sale items until tomorrow. I have pretty much been living in my dress I bought there.

Bloomingdales - ok, it takes a little bit of a search but the Sale section is FABULOUS! After searching for months for a new watch I found a comparable one to the $300 watch I wanted for this $120 watch. I am SO excited for it to arrive in the mail. A lot of items right now are take an additional 30% off!

Gap - I have been searching for white jeans. I do not really want to spend a lot of money on them. I saw these at the Gap for $19.99 on sale! Through the end of today if you enter FRIEND at checkout you get an additional 20% off.
Whimsy Press - If you are looking for some cute cards and stationary this site is offering 60% everything. Enter 2009 at checkout. They have the cutest stuff!
Anthropologie - They had a dress I was dying for, $250- went on sale for $98. Ok this is one thing I will admit, didn't buy, but I am sure you will find a treasure there. They always have great sale skirts and dresses

The Glad Game

Today I was having one of those days. Unexpectedly crazy busy, stressed and tired. Last night I got my first job offer in Florida. I was SO excited and had time all day to finally consume it. This new realization made my stomach and mind start to flip flop. I got home and begin to think of it more and more. Is this what I want? Am I doing the right thing? Over and over again. Finally I told myself, enough! This is what I have wanted for the last year, to move to Florida and change my life and be with my beau. I will never know unless I do it! I am tearing myself apart thinking of moving, jobs, life in Florida 24/7. I have to stop letting it consume my life. That's when I started thinking of all the wonderful things that make me happy and "glad".

Remember in the movie Pollyanna where all she does it tell people to think of something good when they are upset. It's the glad game! Oh my, seriously? But it kind of worked! The little things that truly bring a smile to your face. Here is my list of things that make me happy and glad...

calls from Beau
the sister box
Bestie weekends
a new pair of shoes
glossy magazines
a perfect cup of coffee
drinking a glass of bubbly
drinking of bottle of bubbly with a friend
pink nail polish
a good book
a fabulous party
French macaroons
French music
the French lifestyle
clean sheets
trips to visit my sisters
early morning runs with my DC girls
Childs Pose
a fabulous item on sale
a letter in the mail...snail mail
a room full of candles
pretty chandeliers
pictures of my nephews, aka "Hugo & Franklin" sisters pugs
girls nights out
a night on the couch
days off
party dresses
summer fruit
trips with beau
sun on my face
pink sparkly lipgloss
a new handbag
ice cream
looking through old pictures
.....just to name a few :)


Tuesday, July 7, 2009

I love DC- #3

Tranquil Space! Ok so I have become a little obsessed with Tranquil Space. I discovered Tranquil Space three years ago when I signed up for a newbie yoga class and have been HOOKED since. They opened up a new amazing studio on 17th street last year. The studio is the perfect place to come after work, during the weekend, on a busy day when you need to get your mind away. Not only is it a fabulous yoga studio, it is also a store, a spa and a tea bar. I LOVE IT! Yoga and retail therapy!

Kimberly Wilson is the lady who started it all! I listen to her podcast, read her blog and have read her books. I was reading an article about her recently and the girl said it perfect....they had a girl crush on Kimberly Wilson! haha. I totally agree. Kimberly was a paralegal and started teaching yoga in her living room. Years later I find her story of how she followed her dream and opened up Tranquil Space, designed clothes, wrote a few books, the story goes on. She is super cool with her pink stripes in her hair, her obsession with cupcakes, her cute pug Louis and her fabulous "pink palace". What other yoga studio have you heard of that offers a hip hop yoga class on a Friday night with a dj! Kimberly's idea.

I have been researching places in Florida that compare somewhat to Tranquil Space and I haven't found it yet. It truly is one place I wish I could pack up and move with me! If you live in DC and haven't taken a class there, go! If you are visiting, go. I hope you find the Tranquil Space lifestyle the Kimberly has created as fabulous as I have!

Now I'm off to bed....trying to keep my mind as relaxed as it was when I left class yesterday....Namaste!


Sunday, July 5, 2009

A Mini Staycation

Happy 4th of July! I hope everybody had a great weekend in the sun, eating watermelon, having cocktails outside, hanging out with friends. I stayed in DC and I really feel like I had a mini vacation...a staycation. Last year I spent in Florida with beau. This year I figured I would be in sunny Florida soon enough and needed a little DC time.
Thursday night I started out on Besse's new boat. It was so wonderful being outside, having cocktails and catching up with girlfriends. The waterfront in Georgetown can be quite a scene and it was nice to watch it from the water and not in one of the crowded bars. It poured when we first got on the boat, but it left behind an amazing view of the Kennedy Center! I had to capture the rainbow going over the building that brings so many memories to my mind. The cocktail of the night was the Firefly. If you haven't tried it yet, its fabulous! Sweet Tea flavored vodka either mixed with Ginger Ale, Club Soda or Lemonade. Amazing. Great summer cocktail.
Friday I did a little summer sale shopping (can't resist!), layed out at Erin's pool (a treat when you live in an apartment building with no rooftop!). Friday night we went to the 80's outdoor movie night in Rosslyn. SO fun! I love that DC has so many summer movie nights. The mall has Screen on the Green, downtown Bethesda has Stars on the Avenue and up in Rockville they show movies at Strathmore. (August 19, mark your calendars for Twilight!) Top Gun was the Friday night flick. I forgot how great that movie was. Tom Cruise in the 80's, sigh, super cute! I love getting a picnic, wine and girlfriends to these movie nights!
Saturday, the 4th of July we had a little party at Meg's place. Lots of yummy treats, Rose Wine Spritzers and then walked down to the White House. Being that this will be my last 4th of July in DC it was pretty cool to stand right in front of the White House watching the amazing fireworks. My first 4th was as an intern at the Kennedy Center watching from the terrace, so I think I had a great start and a great finish!
Sunday after laying in bed (almost finishing Breaking Dawn) I went to the Farmers Market. Love that place! I bought amazing purple basil, more gazpacho and loads of arugula. A little yoga at Tranquil Space. The best yoga studio ever! The rest of the day has been relaxing, cleaning and getting ready for the week. No days, off, no vacation. Staycation is over. Back to work. But it's still summer! So in my mind...there are still a lot of fabulous sunny days ahead like I had this weekend.

I had a fabulous 4th! How about you?


Thursday, July 2, 2009

mon appartement

After reading this posting on Frou Frou Fashionista's Blog about her Boudoir it made me think how much I really love my little place. Her apartment is absolutely fabulous! I love the ghost chair, the LOVE picture, peonies, the mirrored dresser, it is a gorgeous room! Living in the city, whether you live in a studio, a 2 bedroom apartment, own a condo, whatever, it's a MUST to make it your little get away. My first place in D.C. was a small room off the kitchen which was the old dining room. Yes, it was small. Yes, it had a swinging door, but I still tried to make it my own little place. Two years ago I moved into my own place, and I have loved every minute of it. My one bedroom with den apartment is my little place of my own. It's the place I come home to at night, put my feet up and drink a glass of vino and love it. I have painted each room, hung up pictures of Paris and Audrey and girlfriends and family, decorated the kitchen with lots of cupcake pictures and displayed my Barbies through out the rooms. No, it's not my dream home, but I have put a little but of Becca all over the place and I love it.

I was thinking about my move to Florida yesterday (as I laid in bed on my day off! loved!). I was looking around the room wondering when I "shack up" with beau in Florida, if I'll be able to have my Chanel poster in our bedroom, my teacups all over the dresser, my pink accents everywhere. hmmmmm...I think there will be a lot of compromising going on with the decorating. For now, I have come to appreciate my own little place and am happy with the little home I have created. However, there is one dream piece I am dying for, the Barbie Ghost Chair! Not sure if beau will agree on that. haha.


Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Summer Reading

I always have so many books on my bookshelf to read. I told myself that I am not allowed to buy ANYMORE until I get through what I have. There are so many fabulous books out there! I have been SUCKED into the Twilight series the past few months and I am almost finished the last book. I am sad to be finishing the series and like all the other Twilight fans, I hope Stephenie Myer will think about another book:) You get really sucked into Bella and Edward and almost feel like the whole Vampire thing is real! So needless to say, while I am sad, I am little excited to start my other books. Below is my list of books I must read and books I want to start after this pile is complete. Please post your suggestions on what to add to my list! I know my girlfriends always have the best books to suggest.

I hope everybody has a good book, a big pair of sunglasses and a nice place outside to relax and curl up with a good book the summer.


1. Twlight Series - Stephenie Meyer You have to read ALL 4! 
2. L.A. Candy - Lauren Conrad - I figured after 4 books about vampires I could use a little nonsense. I kind of can't believe I bought it! But I bet it will be a GREAT beach read!
3. Bella in the Big Apple - Brooke Parkhurst - Southern Girl moves to NYC. Shares recipes and life in the city. Also has a great blog.
4. The Sharper Your Knife, the Less You Cry - Kathleen Flinn She quits her job, moves to Paris and enrolls in Corden Bleu. Sounds a little scary and also like my dream!
5. Entre Nous: A Women's Guide to Finding Her Inner French Girl - Debra Olliver - LOVE the French Life! Nice read. 
6. Pretty in Plaid - Jen Lancaster If you haven't read her other! This book is based on her sorority life. She is a riot.
7. Marie Antoinette, The Journey - Antonia Fraser 
8. Jack's Widow - Eve Pollard 
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