Monday, December 31, 2012

2012! What a YEAR!

As I was browsing through my Instagram feed today I thought, wow, what a YEAR! Wow! So many fun memories through that amazing little app. In no particular order here was one of my favorite years yet....

Started off 2012 with framing our resolutions. OK, they may have not all come through but they were nice daily reminders throughout the year of what our dreams and wants were for the year. 
 Worked on some fun mini shoots for Floridian Weddings! 
 Ran the Fort Lauderdale 1/2 marathon. 
 Spent endless hours watching my two men cuddle and play. You can see through my instagram feed that we spend quite a lot of time doing that!;)
 Enjoyed a nice Easter visit with my parents in Florida. 
 Planned my first wedding on my own, with my fabulous assistant, wedding planner extraordinaire Elizabeth:) 
 Visited the Florida Keys and feel deeper in love with Islamorada!
 Had some besties visit me in Florida!!!
 Was thrilled to have our shoot featured on one of my favorite sites! 
 Lucky me, more besties visited!
 Flew to London for some interviews!
 Toured the flower auctions in Holland and was overwhelmed with the amount of gorgeous flowers that go through daily. 
 Took a lot of morning bike rides with Beau and Sir Oliver. 
Spent the day at the Miami Fair with Beau and Michelle March. I will forever love these photos! 
 Hello adorable godson Sam! Made a little trip to Vermont for his baptism. 
 Hung out with my buddy Oliver, a lot! 
 Fell in love with the rings at Ring Finger Studio, clueless to what was to come a few months later! 
 Assisted Elizabeth at a wedding in New Jersey. 
 Baked a little, confetti cake!
 Spent a few days at the Ritz Carlton Naples with Beau and never wanted to leave!
 Worked an event in Seattle and extended my trip to have some sister time!
 How cute is my bestie Christa all stylish and pregnant! I was so excited to be able to make her shower in Rhode Island. 
 Spent some time hanging out with one of my favorite families, the Clarks, in Boston!
 Wow, the Floridian Weddings road trip! This was a blast! 
 Bought myself some fun new shades:)
 Enjoyed the sunny beaches of Florida. 
 We spent some time cooking in our little yellow house, homemade tortillas, Mexican nights with friends.
 Layed out in our backyard....I'm dreaming of this right now!
 Redid my blog site and had a fun shoot with Courtney
 We had a fun filled successful yard sale during our move, memorable morning for sure!
 Hello old neighborhood!
 Styled a fun shoot in my neighborhood with Michelle. 
 Packed up our house and moved....
 Had the most romantic dinner in NYC overlooking Central Park and.....
 GOT ENGAGED!!!!! Remember that ring above :)!
 Visited DC one more time before we moved and toured Oliver around the city we loved!
 Got lost in my new city!
 Turned 31{how did this happen!}...celebrated at my favorite pub in Notting Hill. 
 Planned a Miami wedding with the sweetest couple from New Jersey and was so glad to work with Laura throughout it! 
 The view from the ceremony was hard to beat in Florida. 
 I was able to meet one of my besties new little ones....hello Alex! 
 While back in the states I assisted Elizabeth with one memorable Brooklyn wedding!
 Wandered around DC and fell in love again with some of the places I fell in love in;)
 Caught up with old friends! yipppee!
 Spent some nice time with my parents in Virginia. 
 Moved to London....for good this time:)
 Had some great Florida friends visit London!!!
 Went to Holland for Christmas.
 Celebrated Christmas Day with Beau and his adorable niece! 

2013....I have nothing but excitement to see you tomorrow. I am feeling an amazing year ahead!!!!! Happy NEW YEAR! Thank you for all of the sweet notes this last year! Getting engaged, leaving my job, moving abroad, wow, what a year to remember! See you on Instagram in the year to come. 


Friday, December 28, 2012

New Year's Beauty Treat : Blow Bar

Last month I treated myself to a trip to the Blow Bar in my neighborhood, the Islington Blow Bar. {grant it we had just moved here and I didn't have a UK conversion hair dryer!}. £25, 30 minutes, a wash and blow dry that leaves you with bouncy shiny hair for a couple of days. Honestly, ladies, its the best treat I've had in awhile. Book your appointments today for New Years or just any Friday night out, you will love it! 


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