Friday, March 22, 2019

Thank You

If you are are reading this post you have either been a lovely follower for the past ten years or well, maybe you stumbled upon this site in a Google Search for London Wedding Planners, Florida Bloggers, New Mums, Moving Your Dog Abroad {my favourite}, whatever it may be, you have clicked onto Urban Flip Flops and found me. I started writing this blog ten years ago when I was living in Washington D.C. leaving the city I loved and had worked in since University to move to Fort Lauderdale FL to be with my boyfriend. I shared things I love, places we travelled, recipes, entertaining ideas and loads more stuff. However, SO much has changed since ten years ago. That boyfriend is now my husband, we have a two and half year old daughter, yes we still have our dog, I have started my full time event planning business and we live in an entirely different country. Every few months I have a think about this lovely space and think I will find time for it to share things and post, but week after week, month after month, I realize, I do not. 

I continuously thought, well maybe I can change it into an entertaining site, but honestly not only do I barely have any extra spare time, I just thought the name of this site didn't fit for that idea and if I took it a different route, well, I needed to begin again. Having a toddler, a family, friends and a business {oh right and a personal life!} has pointed me in different directions for my creative outlets now. I've decided to say BYE BYE to this lovely space Urban Flip Flops. This blog has always been a little piece of me, a little place to meet people and share what I love, but moving forward my mind space and time needs to go other places. 
I have met some AMAZING people through this platform. Honestly, so many people think a blog is just a silly little online space that people post images, but for me it was a creative space and a networking space. I met my amazing friend Laura in Florida that we started a fab Florida website with, I had such fun opportunities in London that connected with new friends and colleagues, I was able to connect with some fabulous brands {this being one of my favourites} and the list goes on. This space has been a little piece of my home from moving to new places and meeting new people and connecting with my friends back in the States and I have loved it. 
So a big THANK YOU for all of your support over the past TEN YEARS! Wow, how has it been that long. To my amazing Mr. Beau {the handsome man above!}, thank you for listening to me late nights, early mornings, weekends talk about blog plans, turn our tiny flat into photo shoots and SO much more. You were the inspiration behind starting this site as I was heading to Florida with a bit of flip flop feelings leaving the city I had loved for my love. Thank you for everything. 

This isn't my last time over here in the blog world, but for now Urban Flip Flops is a little good bye. Thank you. 

xoxo Rebecca

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