Wednesday, April 24, 2013

UK Wedding Traditions: The Fascinator

As an American, I have always LOVED the idea of wearing a big hat or a headpiece as a guest at a wedding, in the States it rarely happens! A hat is great, however a fascinator is event better, smaller {sometimes} and stylish, a lady with a fascinator makes me think fashionable.  A fun little headpiece to add a bit of sparkle and fancy to your day! So for all of you American readings....what is a Fascinator? Read On....
Back in the days a fascinator was described as a lacy headdress that covered your head. Today, a fascinator may be worn instead of a hat on special occassions like a wedding. Generally women wear them with fairly formal attire, commonly covered with feathers and beads. During the reign of Louis XVI ladies use to decorate their large bouffants with small cages, brooches and feathers to name a few, to add decor to their head. When the 1920's came around flappers decorated their headbands with feathers and jewels, but these were not named fascinators either. It wasn't really until the 1970's that the famous milliner Phillip Treacy spoke about these small headpieces again as fascinators, even they it didn't cover your face, since then, they have stayed. It has become common to see both royal and regular guests sporting a fancy fascinator to a wedding and I have to say...I LOVE IT! 

You will often see the Duchess sporting some rather fantastic fascinators, big ones, small leaves, I would love to her closet of headpieces!
 Guest at a royal wedding, oh yes, you must sport classy headdress....or crazy butterflies? How can I convince my guests to wear a fascinator!


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