Wednesday, April 3, 2013

British Wedding Traditions: Wedding Breakfast

Wedding Wednesday! Here in London I work in the wedding industry as an onsite wedding coordinator at a venue in North London, I also happen to be planning my own wedding {I'm sure you have realized that by now!}. There are not a lot of HUGE differences in English weddings compared to US ones, but the little differences I have really loved sharing with friends. This week I am going to talk about the wedding breakfast. No, this isn't the day after wedding brunch....
{Image from Martha Stewart Weddings + InStyle Weddings}
Eggs and Pancakes for your wedding meal? When I started writing proposals for clients, my colleagues would cross out, wedding dinner and write breakfast. When I get quotes from caterers and look around online at menus, it always talked about a wedding breakfast. I kept thinking that it was so weird being that we are planning an evening wedding, why is it a breakfast? Well, a wedding breakfast has nothing to do with bacon and eggs and mimosas and waffles, I am glad I asked! 

The wedding breakfast is actually the dinner/meal that a couple is given following their wedding ceremony. It is common to call it a breakfast in England, Germany, Austria, Scandinavia and some other English-speaking countries. The name begin back in the day when this was traditionally the first meal a couple shared together and the first meal the couple ate on their wedding day. Traditionally the couple had been fasting before their wedding mass so the reception was the first time the couple ate, they broke the fast together, hence a Wedding Breakfast. 

So do not think we will be serving a breakfast buffet at our English wedding, however I bet putting "Wedding Breakfast" on the invite at 7:00pm would really confuse our guests! I am thinking our "breakfast" might look something more like this; mini burgers, fish and chips! 
{Images from Peter Callahan Catering & Brides }
Do you know of any other British wedding traditions? I would love to hear and share along! 

xoxo ~Becca


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