Friday, April 12, 2013

I Fancy Friday v. 7

Happy Friday everyone! Having just had two 4 day work weeks, this full week has felt like it lasted quite a bit longer! I am quite excited to see the weekend! I have a lot of projects on the horizon and with way too many plans and not enough time, Beau and I put together a little schedule for my life, and hopefully I will be posting more and more places around the worldwide web! I will keep you posted when it all happens. In the meantime, I have been finding a lot of sweet items that I fancy! Here is what caught my fancy this week....
1. Fun Bright Sabine Necklace!
2. Yippee! I am glad I discovered the Meringue Girls in London! I'm dying to book a class, who wants to join? 
3. Ooo how I love this Banana Republic necklace! So perfect for Spring. 
4. I have no reason or place to wear a new swimsuit! This one is way over my budget, but guess what, I love it! 
5. I have read SO many articles about the cult of the Shu Uemura cleansing oil and how amazing it is. After trying out a lot of face products with the change of climate, I think I'm now a cult member. 
6. I'm looking for a new phone case, are you surprised that pink chevron and monogram caught my eye. 
7. So much about these cleverly cute mugs makes me want to pour a big cup of Jo! Loving one for me and one for the fiance:) 

Happy Friday! Anything you have been fancying? 


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