Monday, April 8, 2013

I've got Flamingo Fever!

Happy Monday everyone! This weekend London had a change of scenario, sunshine! Oh yes, 50 degrees weather with sun! Recently, both of us have found ourselves longing for an afternoon spent by our old pool in Florida, with our feet in the water and a margarita in hand, however, instead I spent my afternoon in my puffy winter coat, eating an ice cream on my balcony with my face in the sun, pretending I was in Florida;) I think it might be the change of season and sunshine that has also made me want everything possible with the adorable pink, Florida birds all over it, the Flamingo! From dresses, to prints, there are so many ADORABLE Flamingo items out this season! I completely am having a Flamingo Fever moment, I want these little pink creatures on everything in our house! 

An adorable British store Oliver Bonas  has a dress and a sweater that has my name written all over it with pink flamingos! Did you see the amazing Tory Burch line with flamingos EVERYWHERE, where can we go where I need to buy this swimsuit? Now my mind is full of flamingos everywhere, even as drink stirrers during our British wedding. Why not incorporate our past life in Florida! How about that print above?!?! Do you think Beau will allow me to hang it up in our hallway?

Tell me, is anybody else loving the flamingo craze as much as I am? I hope so! 



  1. hi Rebecca, thanks for the twitter follow. Love this post about flamingos (also my all time favourite birds), and the need for sunshine. I grew up in a climate that was 35-40C heat at summer and 15-20 in winter - so im desperate for sunshine too. :)
    Love your blog, will be back!

  2. I am totally obsessed with flamingos lately! They are so cute and fun and the perfect symbol for a tropical summer. I guess we suffer from some kind of freaking-cold-winter depression

  3. Hi Rebecca, I'm new to your blog and FB page, I think I found you via Flowerona which is my favorite daily blog (based in England ... perhaps London) about all things flowers. Seeing your fascination with flamingoes, I wanted to share about our visit to San Diego Zoo. Upon entering the Zoo, we saw a huge pond filled with beautiful pastel orange flamingoes. It's a vivid, colorful memory. I found this YouTube:
    Love your blog and good luck in London! You must buy tickets to Chelsea Flower Show, it's their 100th year! The show is May 21-25. <3 Ann
    P.S. love your London doors!

  4. Hey... It is a new concept for flamingo lover. All accessory are looking nice.

    Thank you for Posting,
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