Monday, April 15, 2013

Olivers favorite Dog Parks in London!

If you follow me on Instagram you probably see that we spend a lot of time on the weekends taking Sir Oliver to the parks in London. When we first moved here we had no idea where to bring him to run around but we have over time learned that London is full of amazing parks that dogs are allowed in. I thought I would share a few of the our favorite parks we have discovered in case you were clueless like us as well. Want to have a puppy date, let me know;) 
Hampstead Heath is so far my favorite place to bring Oliver on the weekends. I feel like bringing Oliver to the Heath is quite the treat for him, running around on over 700 acres of land, it is an absolute treat for him! Hampstead Heath has a cafe, swimming ponds, walking trails, a zoo and beautiful open spaces for picnics. Most places allow your dog to run off his leash, but around the cafe and the gardens you have to put him on his leash, it is a good excuse for him to take a break;)
From the top point of Hampstead Heath you can see an amazing view of London that is pretty spectacular! 
Recently I discovered Clissold Park. Clissold Park is located in North London, a 15 minute walk from Highbury tube stop or a quick bus ride from the tube. The park is not as large or nature filled as Hampstead Heath but there are always a great mix of other dogs there for Oliver to run around with and people do not seem to mind the other dogs. The photo above is of the adorable cafe in the center of the park that is perfect when you want a cup of coffee on afternoon dog stroll. Dogs are allowed off the leash here which is great...until Oliver discovered the pond full of swans, then I put him on his lead! 
In the middle of the city you have beautiful Kensington Park. Never in a million years did I think I would be taking my dog for a walk in the same park that Princess Diana lived and is now the home to Kate and William! For some reason I always feel a bit less comfortable letting him run around the palace area {can you image him running up to the Palace and not coming back! hahaha}. However there are a lot of other people that bring their dogs to the area and lots of grassy areas to run around. It is clearly indicated where the dogs need to be on their leash and where it is OK to be off. 
Oliver took a liking to Queen Victoria's statue and for a minute I thought he was going to jump in the fountain, this would not have been ideal for sure!!! Beau and I walk from Kensington Park to Hyde Park and sit outside for lunch at the Serpentine Bar and Kitchen that allows dog, its the perfect morning!
It never gets old seeing Beau carry Oliver on the escalator! hahah. Luckily London is pretty dog friendly! We take Oliver on the tube and all the bus on a weekly occasion. 
Highbury Fields, our hood;) Olivers local park, hee hee, is a nice 25+ acre park in between Islington and Highbury. We chose our flat because it is right on the park and on rainy/snowy days it is perfect to bring him out on a walk and on sunny days, he can run his heart out on the fields. The park is not enclosed however, we have trained to stay near us on our runs around the park. You start to know, if someone has their dog on a leash, keep Oliver away, if their dog is off their leash.....time to play! If you are in the area of North London I recommend bringing your dog for a stroll here, tennis courts, soccer fields, ice cream trucks, it is a great park in the neighborhood. 

All in all we have found there are countless parks in the city; Regents Park, Richmond Park and Greenwich Park are great to. I won't lie, I was a bit nervous allowing Oliver to run around to other dogs, I thought he was being a mis behaved little "hound" however, hey, the Brits love their furry friends too! Look at the Queen with her corgis! My recommendations if you have a dog in the city: bring them a lot of places to get use to the hustle and bustle {Oliver's been to the Oxford/Cambridge boat race and frequents the markets}, bring them on the bus and tube to get use to people, be polite because who knows when there is a little old lady or sweet little boy that does not like cute puppies and....pick up your dogs poo! If you don' may have to pay £80! 

We are so glad we brought Sir Oliver here! Any other dog park recommendations...send them our way! 



  1. These are so amazing and awesome pictures .I like it so much .You have done a great effort here.
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  2. Battersea Park is really nice ( South West London )


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