Wednesday, May 1, 2013

HI! I'm here!

I have been meaning to post since last week. Blog posts come to my mind throughout the day, I write them done, type it in my phone, think of them all the time, I mean seriously, all the time. I think about what if I had more time, what if I woke up earlier, what if, what if.  I constantly say, "But I need to blog. I need to do this and this and this and this....."
 Well recently life has been busy, as all of ours are. I have taken on some little projects, planning a wedding, visa crap issues, working full time, having a social life, keeping up staying in touch with friends and family in many different time zones and well, yes, life happens and your busy.....
Image from Etsy Shop Departika
Yesterday as I thought about going home to blog while at my day job I decided, you know what, I can't beat myself up for it. I LOVE sharing my thoughts and discoveries on this little site. I have met amazing people through my blog and have been able to stay in touch with everyone back at home, however, its a fun place, and no need to stress myself out. So its funny because while I am planning on posting more in the future {oh yay!} I also realize, hey, its OK not to post. Taking some ME time only makes my future work, life and creative mind better. Like the image says It will only INSPIRE my work and my life. 

So here is to the last week spent of taking long walks with Oliver, meeting friends out and not stressing myself out to be stuck behind my computer. Live my life, explore, and try not to beat myself up over the small stuff. 

Keep reading! I'll be back:) xoxo ~ Becca

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  1. Becca - I hear you! I am in the same place and you wrote it perfectly. Hard to do it all and sometimes you have to take a break from blogging even though you want to do it so badly and feel guilty that you're not producing for your readers. I get it! Enjoy your free time!


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