Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Light my Fire! Creative Workshops

I have been wanting to write this post for awhile and after waking up every morning for the last week thinking of only this things, I thought I mine as well see what feedback I can get. I find that I have more people reading my blog then I sometimes think and it is always fun to connect with like minded readers and get your opinions. SO here goes.....
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For the past many months I have been in quite the rut, while living abroad is oh so exciting {it really is, every day is new!} it has also made me question my professional career and the what is next for me. I feel super bad for my Beau who listens to me complain day and night and I want to change it for me and for him and for everyone. I spent my years in Washington D.C. working at two major venues as a catering manager, working around the clock hours, planning big lavish events and small not so exciting meetings, some days it was magical and some days it got the best of me, however I learned A LOT! I worked on the side for my great friend Elizabeth, helping her on site at beautiful weddings and started to love the business. I moved to Florida to be together with my man and worked with a fun group of women at a corporate event planning company but soon realized maybe strong sales was not my passion. It was when I met Laura and we started Floridian Weddings that I truly realized I loved styling, giving couples ideas for their big day, flowers, wedding planning and all that jazz. I left my job a few months before moving to London and also was able to gain some clients on my own to plan their big days. I experienced a crazy few months of travelling, moving to another country and a taste of what having my own business would be. Flash forward a few months and here I am in London, working at a venue as a wedding executive with a lovely team at a location in North London. I have a lot to grow at the current business and a lot of networking to be done, I am searching for my dream clients to book their weddings at my new place and hope it will happen. I can't help but wonder though, is this what I meant to do for the long run, be in an office or be on my own? My passions for cooking, baking, styling events, flower decor, personal touches, all of things clutter my mind all day long, longing for that little taste of my own thing I had to come back. Since we are planning a wedding and wanting to travel and well, have those things called bills, I need a steady job at the current moment, so doing my own thing full time probably isn't brilliant. However, I do need an outlet! I have been thinking a lot of investing in some workshops where I dream of meeting like minded women to spend a few days learning from their experiences, stretching my mind and training in all of the other aspects of my industry that I have been wanting to learn to make me well rounded. Some days I even think of working for free on the weekends if another planner or stylist needs help, to learn the local market, it is hard to start over from scratch. Below are a few ideas of workshops I have found to get my creative mind coming back. Have any of you ever participated in these? I would love your ideas! Email me your thoughts! I keep thinking I will wake up, the light bulb will go off, the money will be there and I can do it all, but no, if I am going to invest I want to make it worthwhile! 
Top on my dream list is Joy Thigpen's workshop in Georgia this August. This would include me purchasing a big fat international plane ticket, but the experience seems amazing. Have you been?
One of London's most talented florists teaches a week long floristry course. Yes, there is a hefty price tag, but it is something that I keep saying to myself...do it. do it. do it! 

Do I sign myself up for a proper, legit, wedding planning program? This could help my current job and my long term goals? What are your thoughts on wedding planning courses? Have you taken one?

I know a few people who have taken this and it sounds like quite the amazing experience! Ladies, speak up, is this a good thing to light my inner fire and have Emily and Lara push me to my limits?
Blogshop. Feeling that my blog needs a little professional brush up but not sure if the price tag is worth it. What do you think? I mean, Bri seems amazing and the networking alone would be fab!
A more local event, Blogacademy, is on my list, but bummed because the next one I would have to miss a day due to work. Have you been? Seems inspiring. 

Please, any other ideas on workshops in the States or London, let me know. Flower classes, wedding styling, wedding planning, beginner photography, stories of how you begin. It is time for me to start thinking ahead, to start planning what will make me my happiest! 



  1. Hi Becca - I think it is always good to invest in yourself and your passions. I am taking BlogShop in May (cant wait - finally a time that I could do it!) I will give you feed back afterwards. A class can inspire in so many ways. You never know what will come from it. Good luck choosing among all of these great choices.

  2. When I was in my job rut a few years ago, I did a workshop and it helped so much. It was more of a career coaching approach, but it was so good to just get my mind right. I decided to stick with my current job, but to approach it differently.

    Meg and I are currently doing this beginner's/intermediate photography workshop and loving it. We chose to audit it so that we could do it on our own time, but it's great. Very much in layman's terms and so helpful.


    Plus, it's all online, so you can do it from anywhere.


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