Friday, November 2, 2012

Oh Kate!

Seriously, every time I see a Kate Spade email pop up in my inbox, I open it to see some amazing new items that leave a place in my mind and can't go away. I think I could move into a little Kate Spade home full of polka dots, bright colors, stripes and bows and be a very happy girl! I fell in love with the entire world of Kate Spade back in 2003 on my way to Syracuse University. I saved up my pennies during my Summer job to buy "the black box" bag and after that was hooked! 

{I had a hard time parting with my classic Kate above this Summer during our big move. 
I felt like it needed a little ceremony!}. 

Today when I got an email with new items from Kate Spade I thought, oh my, really Kate. Oh Kate, as my friend Elizabeth says, "When you are having a bad day and see a Kate Spade email appear, it is like she knows you need her in your life. She makes it all better!". hahaha, funny...but anybody else agree? Everything in the land of Kate just makes you feel good! Do you have a "Kate" in your life or is Miss Spade it? 


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