Monday, November 26, 2012

London Doors

I have found myself a bit in love with the brightly colored painted doors all over London. It started when we were flat hunting and it has not stopped since. If Beau and I are out and about and I see a hot pink door, you bet I take my camera out. I'm sure some day a stranger might stop me and ask me why I am taking a picture of their front door, but until then I will continue to capture my daily doses of brightness throughout a rainy day in London. Who wouldn't want to live in a house with a bright pink door or a door with the British flag!

All pictures taken on my iPhone throughout our weeks here in London. 
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  2. I’m glad that you take your camera and captured these wonders! Those colored doors are so amazing! Especially, the fuchsia pink door with lion knockers! I’ve suddenly had a wishful thinking of replacing my door with it. ^_^

    Marla Hinds

  3. You’re right there, Melinda. These doors are definitely a looker and really wonderful. Anyway, we have the same door as door#6 on our bedroom. My wife painted it herself.

    William Gulliver

  4. Do you want people draw their attention to your house? Then this is one thing that you need to do. Very simple! Paint your front door with a bright color. It’s very trendy these days, I’m telling you. So don’t be afraid with the outcome. You just have to choose a color that will complement with the rest of the exterior and will enhance the beauty of your house.

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  6. Very informative article, keep it up! Beautifull doors looks like they represent the history of London.


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