Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Hey Florida Girls: Visit Ann's Florist

During my couple of years living in sunny Fort Lauderdale, I ran down Las Boulevard many of times. Running down this street, early in the morning with no traffic always allowed me to look into all of the shop windows. Las Olas is lined with numerous small shops and restaurants, some touristy and blah and some adorable and fab. Ann's Florist had always caught my eye because it had many more items to offer then just flowers. Walk inside the shop during Christmas on Las Olas and it so beautifully decorated you will want to buy one of each fully decorated Christmas Trees! I was thrilled to find a cute store like this on Las Olas. 

Ann's Florist has been a family business since the 1970's. The store itself is located on Las Olas Boulevard and its store front is set back from the busy street, so you may pass it the first time you visit. If you are ever need a small gift for a birthday or hostess gift, Ann's is the perfect shop to stop into. Full of antique like items, candles, beautiful silk flowers {yes, not real, but honestly for around your house, the look pretty amazing!}, and of course, real beautiful flowers. 

The day after Jackie and I browsed around the store, I was setting up for a small styled shoot. Anytime I was looking for flowers that I needed special ordered, I would stop by Ann's. That day I had ordered cabbage roses for a preppy style shoot and was so glad they could get them for me. Ladies, if you are ever need of a certain flower, stop by Ann's. 

I truly love this quote that they had written on a framed chalkboard. True. True. 

Have you ever used these candles from Aquisse? They are pretty amazing, especially the Peony scent! Ann's stocks a huge assortment of the candles and would be a perfect gift with a bunch of flowers wrapped up with them. 

I thought that the display they had set up of British items was so perfect for me to share, since these pictures were taken the week before we moved! Lucky thing we had already packed up our house or I would have purchased the British flag trunk! 

Thank you to Jackie for taking all of the photos during our afternoon out here and here. It was so great to finally meet my blogger friend in person. 

Make sure to stop by Ann's Florist this holiday season and next week during Christmas on Las Olas! The store is always decorated beautifully and you will for sure not leave empty handed. 

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