Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Columbia Road Flower Market

And I'm Back! It has been a long few weeks, we are still getting settled in our flat, there are so many boxes to unpack and so much to get done, but one big thing happened this weekend... we got wi-fi! yay! I'm so excited to be back at blogging and ready to post away! This weekend we took a break from unpacking and visited the Columbia Road Flower Market early Sunday morning. I am quite the flower lover and even though we may not have a clean and tidy flat to display beautiful blooms yet, who cares, I was still able to convince Beau to go. 

 Columbia Road is located in East London, off of Hackney Road. Every Sunday vendors line the street with booths full of flowers and plants. I was excited to see such a beautiful variety of flowers for the cold winter season ahead. It may be chilly and windy recently but Sunday was a beautiful day and walking through the pretty flower lined street made it only better. 

I purchased a rosemary plant just in time for the holidays. It smells so nice in our kitchen and has already been added to dinner, twice. 

 I couldn't resist instagramming citrus trees, heather and many other pretty plants all morning. A flower market is an instagram dream;) 

 The fact that they were selling "Autumn" leaves made me laugh, since we have hundreds on our balcony! However, after laughing about it, I envisioned a beautiful Thanksgiving dinner table full of them, maybe add a little gold spray and that would be beautiful. 

There were quite a few street performances throughout the market, however, hands down my favorite was The Sugar Sisters! I threw my change into their guitar case as a donation and was happy to add a little holiday cd  to my collection. Check out these adorable ladies here, I can't wait to listen to them throughout the holidays. 

I had browsed through the Lily Vanilli cookbook a few weeks ago at a local bookstore and added it to my mental must have list of cookbooks. It was just our luck that around the corner from the flower market, tucked away in a small courtyard was the Lily Vanilli bakery! 

We treated ourselves to the Plum/Poppyseed cake and the Apple/Rosemary cake, both truly delicious! I may need to find the rosemary recipe in the cookbook before Christmas so that I can use my new little plant. 

It was such a great visit to the market! I can not wait to come back in the Spring time when all of the flowers are blooming with bright colors, however, I will be back soon for some more holiday blooms I'm sure. 

The Columbia Road Flower Market, a London Must Stop! 


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