Friday, November 2, 2012

Life this October

November 2nd, whoa. What a crazy October I had! I can honestly say, last October I would have never thought I would be doing what I am doing right now. It has been amazing month full of visiting friends all over the East Coast, working at amazing events and venues, getting back into an exercise routine, spending quality time with my parents, researching what is on the horizon for me, but I have to say....I miss Beau and Oliver and am beyond excited to be back in London soon to take a daily visit to the park & the pubs with them. Through my favorite App Instagram {follow me at @rldamato, I'm addicted!} here is a peek into my month. Can't believe it is already November! 
From Top Left: I asked my dad for help with a wedding project and he showed me around his amazing workshop, now that is a DIY dream! ~ The drive to my parents house in Blacksburg VA was full of pretty Fall leaves and gorgeous farms {two days before Sandy!}~ One of my girlfriends who lives in NYC happened to be in DC {where we both met and use to live} so we had a great afternoon in Georgetown ending with great conversations over democratic red velvet cupcakes at Georgetown Cupcakes ~ You forget that running errands in DC also means be surrounded by beautiful national monuments! I will always LOVE DC! ~ I went to see Pitch Perfect {obsessed, my theatre geek comes out in me!} with my DC girls and Besse of course provided us with theatre beverages. ~ A visit to Ted Baker in NYC had me head over heels in love with this puppy clutch!~ I assisted my talented wedding planner friend with an amazing wedding in Brooklyn {the grilled cheese were passed during cocktails, yum!} ~ I made a short stop in Philadelphia to meet one of my college besties two month old little boy Alex. ~ While in DC I got to take a morning run in my old neighborhood, it felt so good!~ While flying  into to Fort Lauderdale for my client's wedding I thought "hhhmm, the sunshine and palm trees were not too bad". ~ Laura designed and helped me put together clients wedding goodie bags with adorable Florida treats. ~ Frans and I made a visit to Borough Market in London where I discovered this awesome alley of umbrellas. ~ I took a lot of morning walks with Sir Oliver in our new neighborhood, wow, I miss my buddy! ~ I spent a lot of time looking at my two guys and thinking, wow, I'm a lucky girl, I miss them!!!!! 

Here is to hoping November is just as amazing! 


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