Thursday, November 29, 2012

An Afternoon out in Notting Hill

Last Thursday was one of my favorite holidays, Thanksgiving! Since I had just arrived back in London it was not at all possible for us to get back to the States to celebrate with my family. It was a funny day, life continued on as normal, Beau went to work, nobody had off on Friday for shopping, I mean come on now, it was Thanksgiving! Instead of sitting around wishing I was in the States I decided to spend the day out adventuring around one of my favorite London Neighborhoods, Notting Hill
During college I spent a semester abroad in London. That was one of the best times of my life, living in a flat with seven girlfriends, taking fun exciting classes outside of my major and being able to travel around England and Europe, not to shabby right? One of our buildings at Syracuse was located on Lancaster Road {Royalty Studios, remember that SU Alum!}. On the nicer days of the week I would walk from our flat in Bayswater, through Westbourne Grove to school, not to shabby of a walk! I was SO excited to head back there last week for a little exploring with a new American Ex-Pat friend, Bobbi
Mungo & Maud recently opened a new location in Notting Hill and just like their Elizabeth Street location, this shop is adorable. Before Bobbi arrived I was lucky to have some time to grab a coffee at adorable Ottolenghi with Rebecca, the marketing coordinator for Mungo & Maud. Looking for a place to grab some fancy salads for lunch or get a nice cappucino, yep, Ottolenghi it is. {I also found out that her offices are located where my old school was located! Um crazy small world!}
Bobbi and I stopped in Daylesford Organic Market and Cafe for lunch and prosecco and let's just say that I could move into there for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The entire cafe is merchandised so beautifully and the entire menu is seasonal, organic pretty yummy. Must be the life that the ladies of Notting Hill have, right?
Westbourne Grove, fancy shops and pretty flower markets. Sigh. 
{Image by Bobbi}
Biscuiteers . This adorable shop is worth an entire post alone. Biscuiteers has been an online shop for years and also sold at a few fancy department stores around London. They sell super adorably cute iced biscuits {yes, that is the British word for cookie} in the shapes of everything from a poodle to Queen Elizabeth. Their newly opened location in Notting Hill has a coffee bar and a precious room for you to ice your own biscuits. I will be stopping Biscuiteers again soon. 
Rows and rows of Easter egg colored houses. Notting Hill. I love it. Pink house please.
Out and about for the day in London, flats, yep not heels. As you can see, looks like these little flats have seen their time, might be time for some new shiny shoes. ;)

Adorable shops, restaurants, houses and people watching. It was a lovely Thanksgiving afternoon out with Bobbi. So fun to meet a new American friend and chat about blogging, books to read, visa issues and wander around our new city! 



  1. I love Notting Hill! Great to hear that you had a wonderful Thanksgiving, too! And, oh my goodness, that Biscuiteers shop is so cute! xo

  2. Yay! I had so much fun! Can't wait to do it again! <3

  3. I didnt know you studied abroad in London. How funny things turn out. These photos are so cute and your adventure so fun. Happy Holidays!

  4. My friend has a little flat in Notting Hill and my church is also here. I love going to visit when I get the chance.

    Love Chrissi xo


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