Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Wedding Wednesday: Getting Ready

Recently I was talking to a friend who had just gotten married and she mentioned how stressful and rushed the morning of her wedding day was. I felt bad blurting out, mine was the best morning ever, but it truly was that I couldn't hold it back. I feel bad that anyone's wedding morning would not be a good memory. I remember during all of the wedding planning, it was so important to me and Mr. Beau that the two days before our wedding and our wedding day, would just be fun and relaxed. I wanted nothing more then to wake up on my wedding day and have a memorable morning getting ready with my mom, mother in law, sisters and girlfriends. They were a huge part of my life and I wanted to thank them and make them feel special as well as making me feel calm and happy. I couldn't sleep any longer the morning of our wedding, so I woke up early and was the first one in the room, I order a cappuccino and the picture below says it all, it was the best day ever! 
We stayed at the Pelham Hotel in South Kensington on our wedding night and I stayed with my family the night before the wedding. It was important to us to recommend a boutique hotel in the heart of London that would make our guests feel at home for a few days and also not have to far to travel to our wedding in Fulham. The Pelham just so happened to have the cutest room that we used to get ready in that was decorated with green and tons of pink, perfect back drop for the morning! 
I hired Carolanne Armstrong to do my hair/makeup and the girls makeup and Sharon Roberts with Wonderful Wedding hair to do the girls hair, they were amazing and everyone loved them. It was SO nice to be able to relax in a room, sipping tea and coffee and chatting with everyone without having to go anywhere outside of the hotel. One of my bridesmaids Besse mentioned to me that she hadn't seen me so calm in awhile, it was so true. I was so excited to marry Mr. Beau and celebrate with everyone, there wasn't much to stress about. 
Yep, that is me below rocking my curlers and my new initials:) I bought all of the girls shirts to get ready in with their initials on them from Etsy, I mean really, who doesn't love a good monogram! 
Seriously the girls looked beautiful! From their hair to their dresses, wait until you see the professional photos of how these ladies looked, glamour girls! 
 I remember sitting on the couch with everyone, my sister was playing a fab Spotify getting ready playlist and I thought, wow, it is my wedding day! We had spent well over a year preparing for our big day, and I wasn't worried at all about the reception or the details, I knew they were in good hands. I ordered us breakfast and coffees and just wanted to take it all in…my wedding day. 
 Let's be honest, how cute is my mom! Right! 
 Not only did I have amazing women surrounding me the morning of our wedding day, my maid of honor had her beautiful little baby boy with us, heart breaker right?!?!? Yes, I bet when he gets older his mom will remind him of the time he went to London for Auntie Beccas wedding and was surrounded by tons of pretty ladies getting ready. What a cutie! 
 My wonderful friend Elizabeth helped coordinate all of our details we had put together the few weeks leading up to the big day. It was beyond wonderful having her there to keep us in order and looking over the time, because while I was relaxed, I was maybe too relaxed and could have well lost track of the time throughout the day. I know I work in event planning as a profession, but planning on the day of our wedding was the last thing I wanted to worry about during those 24 hours. 
 Recommendations I would give any bride to be on her wedding day while she is getting ready: 

1. Plan - I didn't put the morning of our wedding day off like it would just happen. I planned the timing of the morning and had pre ordered lunch and breakfast and had bought little treats the weeks leading up to it. Planning and knowing the time you have makes you feel more relaxed. 

2. Don't have too big of a posse. - I had ten total people in the room during the day and that was enough. I didn't have visitors coming in and out throughout the day {Well other then our awesome florist Jay who delivered our bouquets}. It was nice to have time with a small group and not stress out on too many other plans. 

3. Have a good dj - My sister spent the morning making sure the Spotify playlist was full of good tunes to dance too, sing to and just make you happy! 

4. Have a space - Make sure you think of where you will get ready. Whether its your parents home and everyone gets together in the living room or a hotels private room, just make sure you think of it ahead of time before having 15 girls all in your wedding night suite making a mess of it. 

5. Drink. Eat. Breathe - I ordered a lot of healthy salads and sandwiches to our room for everyone to enjoy. You are so busy that you will forget to eat, don't. The next time you may be eating could be hours after the ceremony and photos, you need some fuel. Drink a lot of water {OK and a little bubbly, but not too much} to keep you going, especially if you get married in the Summer. 

6. Lay out the details - Keep a list of all of the details you want photos of while getting ready: shoes, earrings, perfume, any cards, special gifts, etc. Have them all set aside that morning so the photographer can do their thing without bothering you. 

7. Take it ALL in - It goes by quickly, so truly cherish the morning! 
During my bridal shower all the girls filled out a little card of wedding advice and took photos for me. On my wedding day, my maid of honor gave me the album and I read through it, it was truly so special. I have the best friends in the world, seriously. 
Looking back on almost five months ago, it still brings a smile to my face remembering our wedding day. I am always so happy I snapped a picture of the below text message my Mr. Beau wrote me. We didn't talk until we saw each other at the church, and this small little text message was like a little note that back in the day someone would deliver, I loved it. I was beyond excited to see him! 
Have fun. Smile. Breathe. Enjoy it! I wish I could do it all over again! 

xoxo - Becca


  1. Such a beautiful memory of such a happy day!! xx

  2. I think this is such great advice to brides. As a wedding photographer I definitely find that the girls who have planned their morning a little and only have a few ladies getting ready with them almost always have a super relaxed and fun pre-shoot. The morning just seems to breeze by and they can really just enjoy the last moments of being a 'Miss'. Thanks for sharing Becca. xox

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  4. Great advice! My wedding date is approaching and I am so excited, I have been going through several wedding related blogs to know about others experience and to get some tips. I still remember the castle wedding venue where my sister’s marriage took over last year.. flower was a pleasant day which I will never ever forget. And now it’s my turn!

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