Tuesday, November 11, 2014

An Afternoon at Kew Gardens

Yesterday I posted about our lunch at Petersham Nurseries {amazing} so since we were already over in Richmond, we decided to stop by Kew Gardens. Kew Gardens has been one of the spots on my places to visit in London for awhile now. The royal botanical gardens that are full of over 30,000 types of plants and flowers, sounded amazing to me. A day full of sunshine, after a long leisurely lunch called for a few hours of walking through the plants and flowers of Kew Gardens, and it was beautiful.  
 The site is over 300 acres large and has the amazing picturesque glasshouses that I remember learning about when I was studying abroad here.

Not only can you find a million types of flowers at Kew Gardens, there are also hundreds of species of trees and plants from all over the world. It was pretty neat to wander through each area of the world and see their types of trees in London. Walking through the Asian gardens, you almost felt like you were in Japan for a second. 
I loved the healing garden that showed all different types of natural remedies that can be used for our health! 
We were lucky to visit the garden the same time that The Gin Garden was set up at Kew. Located in a small glasshouse, the Gin Garden pop up was situated there for the summer. I SO loved the look of the bar and the cocktails, it would be an amazing display for an event. 
It was beautiful to visit the Royal Botanical Gardens during the summer, but I am also looking forward to stopping by during the winter for a stroll through the Christmas lights. If you are a flower fan like me, you have to make an afternoon out to Kew to visit the gardens, a London must see. 

xoxo - Becca


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