Saturday, November 22, 2014

Fancy Saturday v. 36

Ok, I know, I usually post Fancy on FRIDAY, however, with a week full of events, I thought it would be fun to post on the weekend. It is a rainy weekend here in London and Mr. Beau and I are hanging around our flat getting ready for Friendsgiving next week. I've been writing the menu and putting together the decor and am excited to have our London friends over to our flat as our first Thanksgiving as mr. & mrs. hee hee. Along the way this week there have been so many ideas and inspirations and things that I fancy, I had to share. 

1. Plaid Pants from Old Navy - Truly obsessed with these little pixie pants. They would be a holiday favorite in my closet! 

2. Studio DIY Wedding - awwwww. This wedding is so up my alley! I told Mr. Beau that if we an celebrate again….we are putting flamingos all over. Such a pretty mix of classy and fun. 

3. What Would Beyonce Do Dottie Rocks - Who doesn't need these pencils! I mean, when I have a mental block I think…what would Beyonce do?;) So cute! 

4. John Lewis Christmas Candle - I love this candle. When you light it, it makes your flat smell like a Christmas tree. I can not wait to make our place feel all cozy and warm this year. 

5. The Trouvaille Workshop  - I have been thinking A LOT about my goals for next year. Where I want to be and what I want to do. I really want to invest in attending some workshops and getting myself out of this rut I've been in. I want to grow and build my business with meaningful events. Has anyone been to the Trouvaille Workshop. It looks amazing, I know its an investment but I would SO love to go! 

6. Hand Painted World Globe   - Christmas gift list, a beautiful painted globe. Anybody else loving this?

Have a great weekend!!! xoxo - Becca


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