Friday, December 13, 2013

I Fancy Friday v. 19

Wow! I really can not believe it is Friday and in a little more then four days I will be flying back to the States for Christmas! I truly feel in the Christmas spirit now! Beau and Oliver are off to Holland tomorrow and we have been enjoying a little festive week of drinks at friends house, date night by the Southbank Centre and a night at home by the Tree with bubbly {of course}. It has been an interesting week for me but I'm keeping my head up and actually have some really fun stuff on the horizon! I am looking forward to the new year and new things! For now, I have managed to fancy quite a few things this week and had to share with you!

1. Carolanne Armstrong {my wedding hair & makeup artist} was looking GORGEOUS on her wedding day! I'm a bit obsessed with the black and white stripe by Miss Bush!

2. My sister shared this post from The Glitter Guide with and HOW have I been missing out on Charming Charlie?!?! I LOVE these earrings!

3. The beginning of the week brought a shitty situation, the reason I love this print! However, I am trying to turn it into an awesome inspiration!

4. Minted has some amazing new party decor and I do not know where to start with my favorite. Holiday and wedding decorations are overwhelming my mind. LOVE this new line! {Cheer SignCheers flagPhoto Back DropStickers}

5. Oh Amy Poehler, she is seriously a riot! What if you were in NYC and she ran up to you asking to sing Christmas Carols, hysterical!…but half the people knew the lyrics! View the video HERE.

6. A Smores Layer cake. Sounds AMAZING. 

7. This Bow Tie Skirt needs to find a place in my closet, soon.

Happy Friday everyone! Hope you find many things to fancy, whether it is a new dress, a new cocktail or fancy dancing around the Christmas tree! Happy Friday! 

xoxo - Becca

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