Tuesday, December 17, 2013

A Simple Holiday Hostess Gift

It is that time of year…holiday parties, yippee! Last week I went over to my good friend Ann's house and wanted to bring a little more then a bottle of wine. In a day I gathered some simple gifts and put them together to create what I think is the perfect hostess gift that can be used throughout the season! 
 I bought a simple and classic half gallon glass jar to add all of the gifts to instead of a regular gift bag. Who doesn't like a nice glass jar to use for a vase, cookies, sweets, dog treats, baking goods, it is something
 I think everyone can always use! 
 I'm a huge fan of flavored salts, but I think it is one of those items that people rarely buy for themselves. A few days before the party I took some of my rosemary, that we have growing on the balcony,  and combined it with lemon zest and sea salt, voila, a perfect hostess gift! All of the ingredients combined in the perfect glass jar makes the easiest and thoughtful gift, maybe they will use it for their Christmas dinner!
 I found this candle at John Lewis and have easily named it my FAVORITE Christmas candle. The candles are affordable and make your home smell like a Christmas tree. 
I added some holiday cocktail napkins because you can never have enough of those, added some ribbon and a little tag I made a couple of years ago {remember this! } and yay, a sweet and thoughtful hostess gift. Small items that a hostess can use throughout the holidays like candles, napkins, chocolates, and soaps are always a nice addition to add to a glass jar to use throughout the year. Happy Christmas! 

xoxo - Becca

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  1. What a lovely idea - it all looks so pretty and I bet it was so gratefully received! x


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