Thursday, December 19, 2013

A Chilly Walk & A Cute Coat

Sunday afternoon I met my good friend Becky out for a walk in Hyde Park. It was a grey and misty day and the perfect day to throw on my new and wonderful Joules Hooded Quilted Jacket! A few months ago I mentioned how I wish I had a cute outfit to walk Oliver in, well now I do! My new cute Joules Quilted Coat and my fun and furry Saddle wellysocks were the perfect wardrobe for the day out for a walk with a friend. 
 Even on a dreary day Hyde Park is still lovely, 350 acres of green space in the center of London! I love to walk around the park starting at Hyde Park Corner, head to the Serpentine Bar & Kitchen for breakfast and a coffee and then walk with Beau and Oliver to Kensington Gardens. Today however, since Beau and Oliver were away, it was the perfect time to walk and catch up with a good friend! 
Winter Wonderland was in full effect on Sunday! 
OK, lets just put it out there, I'm no supermodel, but I do love showing off what I'm wearing and sharing it with my readers and friends. SO, this being said, please excuse my drizzly rainy hair and Sunday morning sleepy makeup;) Thank goodness I had my Joules Black Hooded Quilted Jacket on to make me feel a bit more put together for a walk in the park! At first I almost purchased the jacket without a hood, but in London weather am SO glad I decided to get the hood because it is DETACHABLE and hello, I live in London where you never know when it might drizzle! 
A stop by the Serpentine Bar & Kitchen to get out of the rainy weather was a nice little break! 
 How cute is this cute little house in the center of the park! I mean really, adorable! See, thank goodness I had a hooded jacket!
Fur lined boots and the quilted jacket with a plaid lining kept me warm and cozy during our walk. 
 I know this is such a simple detail, but I am absolutely in love with the little fox button at the top of the jacket. The button reminds of Mr. Fox from Fantastic Mr. Fox and that movie I am a huge fan of! Great detail Joules! 
 In the midst, in the center of the picture, wave to Kate and Will and ….baby George at Kensington Palace;) 
The walked ended a bit more wet then we expected, but my trusty little jacket kept me dry and my fur lined boots kept my toes extra warm and dry. There is something so relaxing and calm about a nice walk out with a  friend on a weekend morning. I am glad though that now I have a new little jacket to add a little style to my walk! 

I highly recommend the Joules Hooded Quilted Jacket! I guess skinny jeans and my quilted jacket will be my choice over yoga pants and windbreaker any day! 

xoxo - Becca

*This post has been sponsored by Joules but all thoughts, opinions, and supermodel pics are my own! 

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