Tuesday, December 10, 2013

A Dress for the Holidays. A Dress for a Wedding.

This time of year I find myself wanting to buy everything sparkly and shiny! Cover my sweaters in sequins, OK! Make all of my skirts for work pouffy and satin, OK! Well, sometimes I buy these festive outfits and then get quite sad that I may not wear them for another year! Recently I have seen so many adorable party dresses that I think would be fab for a holiday party or to transition into as a wedding guest. Bows, satin, chiffon, a little fun, what do you think, sparkles for a wedding? WHY NOT! Happy dress up times! 

xoxo - Becca


  1. Dresses are looking different to see from one another.And looks very perfect to see.Thanks for sharing the information with us.
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  2. It's a darling dress! i like the colors.
    I love small ruffles on some things, however most ruffles square measure slightly an excessive amount of on behalf of me, and that i like single-edged ruffles over ambiguous, therefore i might most likely leave these off too.
    From watching the pattern page, it is not straightforward to urge those ruffles aligned... the instance ruffles are not dead straight or dead placed either.
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  3. I really like your new dress. I think this is my new recommended outfits too :) I wish I could have capabilities like yours and I really like how you released this on my birthday!!!! I really wish I could get one of your outfits I just really like them :)

  4. Those bridesmaid Dresses are simply stunning. I love the bold pink color.


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