Thursday, November 21, 2013

Soiree Style : Friendsgiving Cocktail Party

This is my second year living abroad during Thanksgiving, one of my favorite holidays of the year! I'd be lying if I said I don't miss celebrating. Thanksgiving falls on a Thursday, work day, boo, and I live in London, so nobody participates in Black Friday and takes off the day to do loads of ridiculous shopping, boo. However, oh well, I love living here so I've learned to deal with it. Since we do have to work on Turkey Day, I've decided instead of cooking a big feast, we are going out to dinner with friends and the next night we are hosting a "Friendsgiving Cocktail Party". The perfect way to celebrate having great friends here in London, an overdue housewarming party and a kick off to the holiday season! 

I keep reminding myself I want to go simple with the party, which for those of you who know me personally, simple is not easy. So I made a list of items and here is what I'm planning for our little Thanksgiving fete! 

1. Easy to Prepare and Refresh Nibbles - You can't go wrong with a nice cheese board right? Beau is going to pick up some yummy cheese at Burough Market next week. I will add some herbed nuts and charcuterie. I found a simple recipe while in the checkout line at the grocery store for these cute beetroot croustades . I'm not a huge fan of pre made, but hey, if I can buy pre made tarts and fill them, perfect, easy! Martha made these amazing cranberry curd tartletsthat I thought would be a nice reminder of Thanksgiving day. 

2. Cute flatware and always Cocktail Napkins - West Elm is opening in London soon, yippee! I would really like to have these adorable West Elm gold cocktail forks to add some glam to the table. I always want some cute cocktail napkins and these gold dotted ones are perfect! 

3. Email Invite - I am in love with Paperless Post! Way cuter designs then the old E-Vite versions and the point that it emails your guest an envelope is adorable. It is easy to keep track of on your computer or your phone which makes it all the more amazing. 

4. Apple Basil Cocktail - I have been infusing my last bottle of US Cupcake Vineyards Vodka with basil and can't wait to add it to a little cocktail for a welcome drink! My plan is to add a little cloudy apple juice and a dash of Prosecco, what do you think? 

5. Easy and Pretty Decor - Fingers crossed I have time to make some garland out of eucalyptus because I envision it over the door with added Fall hydrangeas around the house! 

That is my plan for a little Thanksgiving/Fall friends get together! Thirty people in our little London flat should be quite a party! If you try out the cocktail, let me know what you think. Cheers! Happy Thanksgiving! 

xoxo - Becca


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