Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Holiday Wish List: Gift for my Girlfriends

I'm back with another holiday gift/wish list! Monday I was writing about the new Mr. & Mrs. west elm holiday list, today I'm sharing my ideas on gifts for your girlfriends! All year long I find adorable little finds for my girlfriends and then the holiday season comes and I'm stumped! This year, no, there are so many cute items I have seen recently. I am heading back to the States for Christmas and I CAN NOT WAIT to spend some time with my besties. I hope you like my ideas of what I would like to wrap in a bow for my girlfriends and share them with your besties! 

1. Oatmeal Lace Emerson Foldover Clutch - I feel like this is one of those adorable clutches that you always want and admire but do not want to buy for yourself, that is the perfect gift! I have a thing for black and white stripes, and wait until you see the bright green liner, amazing. 

2. Miss Etoile Coffee Pot -  I mean really, how adorable is this tea/coffee pot!?!?!!! I want to make a big pot and sit over many cups of coffee and catch up with my girlfriends. 

3. Pink Pocket Diary - Everyone always needs a little notebook in their purse. A pink cute notebook is a must, who wouldn't love it. 

4. LC Conrad Bow Earrings - My girlfriends and I have some similar tastes……we all fancy some bows! 

5. Butter London Nail Polish - I so love this non toxic polish brand {nothing to do with name, wink wink}. My favorite colors are  Fruit Machine , Rosie Lee & Union Jack Black

6. Shopping List Tote Bag : Alphabet Bags  - OK, so tote bags are not the most exciting gift ever, however this one is. I love that it lists gin and wine on the shopping list! 

7. Pop! White Truffle Popcorn - Night in watching movies with the girls, oh I wish! If so, I would love sure some fancy popcorn. 

8. Kate Spade Light Up The Room Candle - Who doesn't love this candle, right? Even if you do not light it much, it still lights you up by looking at the sweet candle! 

9. Studio DIY & Pencil Shavings iPhone bows Case - wow. This case has my name all over it….and a few of my friends! I love that they make them for old and new iPhones. My little phone may be getting a new makeover for 2014….bow case! 

Happy Shopping! xoxo - Becca

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