Friday, November 8, 2013

Floridian Weddings RELAUNCH !

I am beyond excited to share this post. After two amazing years for Floridian Weddings, the site is getting a little makeover and is having a big bash on Monday ; party and new shiny site! No, I will not be flying from London to Florida to celebrate {I wish!} but I am still jumping for joy for all the hard work my girls Laura and Desiree  have put into the relaunch. 

So many of you ask me if I still do a lot for the Florida wedding site and unfortunately the answer is, no. I co founded the site with Laura and am the "Across the Pond" editor, popping in here and there with little wedding goodness. I may not be a daily contributor to the Floridian Weddings site, however, I still believe in all it is and love everything it does. I met Laura back in 2011 when I had just moved to Florida. At the time I was looking to branch out from my existing job in corporate events and get back into wedding assistance like I had done in DC. I reached out to Laura after discovering her wonderful wedding design business and after meeting and clicking from the beginning, a few glasses of wine later and the thought of Floridian Weddings appeared. Both Laura and I had felt that Florida was missing a modern wedding site that showcased the creative vendors we had been discovering but were not being featured. We felt that when people thought of Florida Weddings they immediately thought of starfish on the beach and flip flops. People had long associated with cheesy beach weddings {they are NOT cheesy, but the pretty unique ones were not be shared!} and we knew that this huge State was full of gorgeous florists, ridiculously beautiful photographers, chic venues, and the list goes on! There was not a Florida based site out there that was showcasing the fresh, creative and talented people that we had in the sunshine state. I had just moved to Florida and was looking to connect with these like minded vendors. While I found their websites, I never found one spot where they were all located and was easily accessible for the brides to be. Along came Laura the magic designer, she put together a lovely site for us and we never looked back. 
After a year of adventures, waking up early morning to write posts, learning a little HTML, emailing hundreds of Florida vendors, selling our little site to big Florida wedding professionals and gaining an amazing readership from brides and groom, we decided we needed a little more help…. along came Desiree! We decided we wanted to escape only South Florida and grow to the WHOLE state. What better way to do this then by going on a little state wide ROAD TRIP! We packed up our car, planned a party in each city we stopped in and spread the Florida wedding love all over the State. The website has continued to grow and get recognition as a resource for planning a Florida wedding. We have introduced you to new companies {remember the NEW company UnEarthed Vintage that has now EXPLODED}, shared engagements {oh ya, this one too!}, created gorgeous inspiration, and well the list goes on! I may live Across the Pond now, in a different country, not anywhere NEAR Florida, but I am still proud of what we created. I am beyond excited for Desiree and Laura to introduce you to the new site and watch it grow. 
We couldn't have a new shiny site without a new shiny party! TUESDAY, 12th of November the lovely ladies are throwing a bash,  I will be toasting from a far. 

We hope you keep reading Floridian Weddings and share with us any sunshine love you have! Cheers! 

xoxo - Becca

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