Friday, May 10, 2013

I Fancy Friday v. 8

Happy Friday ladies! The week here in London has only been a 4 day work week, however, I will be honest, it has felt LONG! I am still trying to find a balance of work/blog/health/life and so far am not sure if my plan is working, oh well. I decided tonight I would take a little me time before Beau gets home and be fancy with a little mani/pedi. Throughout the week there have been a list of little things I have found and fancy, how about you? Anything that you fancy, any big fancy weekend plans?
1.  Homemade Marshmallows - They made strawberry ones at work and they are delicious! I am really tempted to try my hand at it myself. 

2. Sugar Paper Print - I am LOVING this print by Sugar Paper. Doesn't it make you happy? I would love to add it in our hallway for sure. 

3. Peony Season - Oh MY pretties! I bought these flowers at the market on Sunday and can't stop starting at their lovely petals. I am glad peony season is back.

4. Urban Fruit - So I THINK these are paleo friendly. Strawberries baked in apple juice, they taste like healthy gummy snacks and are pretty amazing as a fix for a sweet treat. 

5. Kate Spade Rest & Relaxation Tote - There are no plans in our immediate future to head to a warm weather holiday {sad} but a girl can dream of sporting this bag on the beach! 

6. Flats - I have been walking to work for the past few weeks and love it, however, I am need of some new flats....and cute ones! 

7. Nashville - Oh how I fancy this show! My new guilty pleasure is cuddling up on the couch to watch some country singer drama, it is fantastic! 

Happy Friday everyone! xoxo ~ Becca


  1. I am dying or some new summer shoes too! Love the ones that you found above :)
    Have a happy weekend lovely! X

  2. I love everything you fancy! Especially the marshmallows, peonies, and Nashville. It is a wonderful guilty pleasure and I have been enjoying it quite a bit. Happy Friday!

  3. Sugar Paper is the best! And who doesn't love some beautiful peonies :)


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