Monday, May 20, 2013

The Little Things: Weekly Flowers

It was a busy weekend here in London for me, I had a wedding at work on Saturday and helped out with a Bar Mitzvah at work on Sunday. I have gotten use to our leisurely weekends of walks in the park with Oliver and visits to the markets that I found myself missing my little trip of buying weekly blooms for our flat. One of my favorite things I have come to LOVE in our new city is going to Columbia Flower Market and splurging on fresh beautiful flowers for our flat, weekly. We may be on a budget but as far as fresh flowers go, they are a little thing that I love! I am sure you can see if you follow me on Instagram just how happy these little blooms make me! 

It is a little thing in life, my £10 weekly spend on flowers that make our flat so pretty and smile upon your face. You agree? What is your little weekly splurge that you love: a manicure, your cup of Jo from Starbucks, lunch eaten out mid week, happy hour? DO share! 

xoxo ~ Becca

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  1. Lovely photos! I love to indulge in flowers too. Every time my husband goes away on business I treat myself to flowers to pretty things up around the house while I miss him and wish I was wherever he is (recently Prague and Milan!!) I have bookmarked the Columbia Road Flower Market ~ thanks for the link ~ I hope to go visit there soon and added to my list of places to check out in London. I have been loving your blog!


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