Thursday, May 30, 2013

My Summer Running Essentials 2013

It has been awhile since I wrote about adventures in running, and all honesty, it is because I have been slacking! Since the half marathon two months ago, running has been off and on, but this past week I have felt BACK in it! It has been fun living in London, running through the city along with Oliver by my side. I noticed on my Nike+ the other day that I have clocked over 1,400 miles with my little tracker and that only makes me want to run 1,400 more! So here is to my Summer ahead full of morning runs through the city and a new play list to keep me entertained every step along the way. 

I am looking for a new running jacket to work for both rainy mornings and windy days. My jackets are a bit too warm, more for more wintry days. I am LOVING this Lululemon jacket!

I am completely addicted to my Nike+ app and have been for years. I love that it keeps track of my every mile and cheers me on. 

Looking for a new pair of running tights? I am! How about this cute pair from...Lululemon of course.

Loving this BE STRONG & BEAUTIFUL tank!

I do not know if it is a trend or not, but I am VERY interested in the Jawbone bracelets. They keep track of your every move during the day; tracking your walks, bites and zzzzzz's. I would love any ones advice on it. 

Pocket full of Dog Treats, not on every one's running essential list? I let Oliver off his lead when we are in the park and to keep him close I keep Lily's Kitchen Cheese & Apple treats in my pockets! Essential!

My Summer 2013 Running List on Spotify: 

Listening to anything new, please share! 

Happy Running! xoxo ~ Becca


  1. I have never been much of a runner, but I'm really trying to get into it. Looking forward to seeing your posts on running to use as inspiration! Just found your blog through Lulu and I love it! x

  2. I've been thinking about a jawbone as well. I'm interested in seeing how yours works out!



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