Friday, September 16, 2011

Happy Weekend!

We are off to DC for the weekend...a few things that I can't wait for, I'll be reading and I love! Happy Weekend!

Love this pic from Albie Designs on Etsy. hhhmm, could find a place in my home.

So excited to go to the DC Design Sponge event at Anthropologie tomorrow morning. It might be heavy, but my new Design Sponge at Home book is so going in my carry on!

Oooo, can't wait to see these girls!

Looking forward to rocking my new fancy birthday shoes! Is it funny and ridiculous that I am thinking of putting them in my carry on because I don't want anything to happen to them if I check them. haha.

A little Link LOVE I have been browsing:

Loving this rock birthday party! Um, can I have this for my birthday..Maroon 5, hee hee.

I MUST have these note cards, they are precious from Simple Song. The bow, I love!

Jacin at Lovely Little Details is great. When I saw her tweet about amazing Forever 21 bridesmaid dresses, I clicked online and ordered one for the upcoming wedding I'm attending in October. Check out her post here, I ordered the third one in her photo and can't wait to wear it!

So excited for Laura and her new studio in West Palm. Looking for a new design, invites, she is awesome!

If I do say so myself, this post for a groomsmen gift idea is yummy and fabulous.

Ooo, what a fun time getting to go to the Tory Burch fashion show Erin!

Have a lovely weekend!!! xoxo~ Becca

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  1. yay for your birthday loubs! i always bring mine in my carry on too, so no, you're not ridiculous for keeping them safe :)


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