Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Boo the Dog ...on TOUR!

Need a little something to brighten you morning? Are you familiar with Boo, the Worlds Cutest Dog, I'm in love. How funny and cute is this little puppy! He has over a million Facebook fans, wow! Boo is so popular that he wrote a book and is now out on tour for, "Boo, The Life of the World's Cutest Dog", good title right! He is well, again, pretty cute!

Last week the famous puppy was in the Big Apple during fashion week and even famous fashion designer Tory Burch took some time out to meet with Boo.

I saw this book last week in DC and contemplated getting one to provide me a smile and a laugh during the day.

Oh my, toooo cute! Check out his adorable interview on Oh Joy last week!

And if you are interested in Boo's average day at the office, check out the video by Chronicle Books . No wonder this little guy is exhausted, he is quite the popular puppy!

I hope Boo makes you smile as much as he makes me laugh! And yes....he is a real dog!



  1. Hilarious! I love this little pup pup so much. I think my Frenchie, Scrapple, is the cutest... but Boo definitely has a je ne sais quoi.

  2. Agreed! I have a 6 month old Australian Shepard, Sir Oliver that I'm in LOVE with....but Boo is pretty cute!

  3. booooooooo is soooooooo cute


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