Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Work OUT!

I've never been a big gym fan, the bright lights, the lines at treadmills, people hanging out and not working out. I loved my old gym in Washington but since I've been here in Florida I haven't been a huge fan of the gym. SOOOO not. Luckily, I've found some great alternative other then checking in at the big old gym recently. Here are a few Fort Lauderdale favs....

Orange Theory, I didn't think I would love but...I'm hooked! A one hour full crazy workout! Time goes quick and you leave exhausted. Running, rowing, weights, it is great! If you haven't been...try it out!
Pro Pilates Cardio Ballet Classes....so much fun! Ok, I am not quite a ballerina, but for an hour you kind of feel like it. Who would think your butt could hurt so much and you could sweat so much working out on a ballet bar! Plie after plie, you will love it.

Every Monday and Wednesday for $5 you can get an awesome workout in Esplanade Park downtown Fort Lauderdale. Total Wellness Professionals do an awesome job giving you an inexpensive workout!

W.O.W Women's Outdoor Workout! I love this workout! Every Monday, Wednesday, Friday off of Las Olas there is a wonderful morning workout run by Lee Torrain who is an amazing training. Every week the workouts vary. You can't beat getting a great workout in, outside, by the water, really!
Hope to see you sweating away soon! xoxo~Becca


  1. I love your blog! i am still getting into the swing of things with mine own. I just wanted to say I recently tried a pure barre class in Philadelphia and it was awesome! It sounds similar to pro pilates and it is in numerous states in the US! there is one in boca raton...www.purebarre.com also LOVE las olas it is beautiful there!!!

  2. Thank you! They are AWESOME! I havent made it to the Boca studio because it is just a bit too far right now but hopefully I will get there soon. Thanks!


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