Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Good Morning August!

Good morning August! Wow, how did it really become August 2nd! I have been on the go for a few weeks now and woke up this morning thinking, August, really? I was away in DC this past weekend and have two more weekends in a row of travelling. My list making mind started adding up all of the things I wanted to do before Summer came to an end and then...I had to breathe! Here are a few things I'm hoping I can do before Labor Day weekend rolls around and there are no excuses anymore, I won't be able to say, it is summertime! I hope I can find a bit of time to breathe, relax and get some sunshine.

* Picnic on the beach with my Beau
*Bike ride on the Hollywood boardwalk with my Beau
*Relaxing Saturday breakfast at home
* An entire weekend afternoon of working on the new blog!
*Paddle board lessons
*Visit to the Aventura Food Trucks
*Yoga, more yoga, yoga

Happy August! Have a sunny Tuesday!


{image from UUPP Etsy}

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