Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Wedding Wednesday ~ The Bachelorette Bash

This weekend I was in Newport, RI celebrating on of my bestest friends at her bachelorette party. It was a fun weekend full of not so much cheesy stuff! Yes, we made her wear a tiara and a sash but other then that we didn't make her do anything ridiculous. I always wonder why girlfriends make their friends do ridiculous things just because they are getting married, your life isn't ending. I dream of having a fun, sweet, relaxing time when my bachelorette party rolls around! A trip to a winery, a day at the spa, OK maybe a lot of bubbly and one night of dancing but not something ridiculous. I am glad to see a lot of other people in the world agree. I love these ideas to celebrate the bride to be!

I am in LOVE with this pink dessert table! Yes, this picture is from a wedding, however, wouldn't it be amazing transformed into a sweets and drinks table for a bachelorette party! The boas in the background could certainly be used later for the dancing and bubbly party I was mentioning.
How about these adorable Pinup Girl Like Coasters by Jenna who had a super fun party in Palm Springs.
Mrs. Lilien posted about Kate Middleton's dream bachelorette attire, love!

I know I mentioned I'm a little anti the dressing up and going crazy, however, I thought this shirt was pretty fun and kind of cute from Urban Outfitters.

An adorable survival bachelorette kit from 100 Layer Cake, it includes Lip Smackers Strawberry Lip Balm! Adorable.

And an adorably printed questionnaire on how well you know the bride, so cute.

Some simple things can make the weekend so much cuter and fun! Have Fun!

xoxo~ Becca

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