Monday, March 31, 2014

DIY's for your Big Day!

A couple months back I gave my advice to Wedding Magazine on DIY projects for your big day. I love a little do it yourself project for your wedding day, personal touches are something I am adding a lot to on our big day and think are well worth it. This being said, I also believe that just because you are planning your wedding, does not mean you all of a sudden turn into Miss Crafty when you use to have no desire to cut, glue, sew and glitter everything. I love crafting and enjoy painting and doing little projects, however if this has never been your thing, its OK!
 The picture above are some projects I have been working on over time. Below I rounded up some of my favorite DIY projects that do not require 101 hours of your time, but I think everyone of all craft levels can do. My biggest advice, if you are taking on a lot of projects, give yourself a month before your wedding as a deadline to have your projects complete. Nobody wants to be stressed up the night before their wedding adding glitter to 101 candle holders! 

{Image from BHLDN}
Make your own Pom Poms, purchase tissue fans from companies like Peach Blossom and start gluing to your backdrop! The nice thing about this project is it does not need to look perfect, thats the look. 
Make your own confetti sticks! I know we are having guests throw confetti after our ceremony, it is very British and I LOVE it! Having the confetti already in little tubes would be a great way to pass them out to guests. 

{Image from Paper N Stitch blog}
This & sign above is amazing! Making this floral ampersand if actually pretty easy! I would suggest asking a friend if they would be up to helping with it the day before the wedding so you are not running to the flower market 24 hours before you walk down the aisle. 
{Image from 100 Layer Cake}
A clear inexpensive glass candle holder with a lot of gold glitter is easy to create and adds a lot of bling to your reception! DIY glitter cancel holders.
{Image from 100 Layer Cake
How about adding a little glitter to your bridesmaids shoes! Easy and pretty idea, find it here
{Image from Confetti System}

The image above is the real paper hassle garland from Confetti System, however you can DIY your own for 1/2 the price. I found this step by step tutorial easy to use, search Paper Tassle Garland on Pinterest and you will find a lot of suggestions. 

These are just a FEW of my favorites! I will be adding a few more later on the week. Happy crafting! 

xoxo - Becca 


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