Thursday, March 20, 2014


 Welcome Spring, officially the first day of Spring, I am so glad to see you! These past two weekends London has been in bloom, the sun has been out and things feel so much happier and brighter. Months of rain and dark mornings and shorter days has made me appreciate these beautiful days even more then before! My feeling is that Spring seems to give me a restart, a time of the year to recharge all of those New Years goals and resolutions. 
There is something about the sunshine that just makes everything better, no?

As you can tell recently, I have a lot going on, but don't we all! Days full of sunshine and walks around the city make me think a lot more of the wonderful things I have going on in my life that sometimes get stuck in my mind between all of the to do lists. These past few months have been a really crazy time for me but also a time that I am really trying to appreciate every moment. 

I have a lot of huge ideas of how to grow this blog, what I want to do with my career and the feeling of wanting to figure it out soon, projects for around the house, trips planned to the States, nights spent with Beau and Sir Oliver and wedding plans galore. Maybe it is the longer brighter days we are having recently, or just too much time thinking on the treadmill, however, I am starting to finally take a step back and think of whats next. I guess, Spring is making my ideas bloom and ideas for the future. This is a bit of a ramble, that being said, I guess my point is that enjoy this season! Take this new time in Spring to breathe a little more, bloom creatively a little more, do the things you have been saying you want to get done, enjoy it, I know I'm trying to.  Happy Spring! 

xoxo - Becca

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