Thursday, April 3, 2014

DIY's for your Big Day - Part II

I am back today with part two of some of my favorite DIY projects for your wedding day. Today I am following up from Tuesday with some of the easier and small DIY projects you can add onto our wedding day. If you try any, do let me know, I would love to see your ideas come to life!

How amazing are these flowers! It would be a lovely addition in a photo, as a photo booth prop or even  multiplied and added to your decor. 

This headpiece is SO pretty and SO easy to make! I am thinking of making one for my rehearsal dinner, hhmmm. 

How amazing are these escort cards, WOW! I probably did not need to see this DIY, because now I love it and am envisioning even guests on the dance floor with them!

A crate, cardboard, a knife, glue, easy. This easy little project can make some of your hors d'oeuvres during cocktail hour look 100 times more adorable. 

Who doesn't love a giant balloon for a photo op, I do! I know I see them all over the blogs and they still make me happy. 

Bows. Bows. Bows. I've casually mentioned before how much I love a nice bow {wink!}, well I certainly will be adding these to some gifts. 

What a better way to start the day off with the groomsmen then by giving them some nice whisky, a flask and a lovely tipsy brownie!  This is still an all time favorite that Laura and I put together when we first started Floridian Weddings and it is still a great idea! 
We haven't chose how we are getting to and from the ceremony, however, I dream of pretty garland like this attached to the cab, should I make it??

I have long been a fan of these water color cards I saw a few years ago floating around the blog world, aren't they lovely!

Whether you choose to take on some DIY projects yourself or buy all of the DIY goodies on Etsy, either way, make it personal, make it the both of yours day and add little pieces of you sprinkled all over! 

xoxo - Becca

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