Wednesday, March 5, 2014

The Wedding Registry

The process of registering for your wedding gifts is suppose to be fun, right? Well Beau and I found it a bit stressful and almost a bit weird registering and asking for gifts for ourselves. Living in the UK but having family, friends and most of our wedding guests living in the States, Holland and China made us question where to register and what to register for. We have lived together for over 4 years and combined have a lot of home wares, so we are not looking to clean out everything and get ALL new items. That being said, we did want to register for timeless pieces and new fresh items to have as a married couple {hello new monogrammed sheets!}. Not being able to register at Pottery Barn in the US or find the perfect pattern of china in London, we were excited when we found the website !  allows you to register from ANY store, even Etsy shops! West Elm does not have a proper wedding registry set up, so it is amazing that you can add gifts to your registry from the site! You add a "Add to my Registry" button to your homepage and when you see gifts on websites, you click. Easy. It reminds me of Pinterest in a way! However, like the scanner gun at department stores, make a list  first on items you want and add the fun items last. After you finish your registry, go over it the next few days and edit it, add, delete, etc. What I have found when registering for items is we ask ourselves, "Will we want this item 10 years into our marriage?" if I say yes, then its a good gift! I have tried adding kitchen items we want, new knives and the rest of our Le Creseut collection. We have asked for two sets of sheets, one monogrammed and one not. Nice new sheets is something we always want but never buy ourselves, add them to your registry! Also, because we are getting married in England, I wanted to add some pretty pieces from British pottery designer, Sophie Conran. We have not registered for new everything, not all new glasses and ten sets of flatware, but everything we decided on is pretty, good quality and items that we like to add to our future home as a couple. 

Take some time and think about what you want to register for, what you have, what you are looking to add to your home together. Putting together a registry can be overwhelming at first and you want to add one of each, but think about it for a bit before clicking on every item. Do not just think of these items as gifts for only today either, add things you want to have for your life together. is really a great spot! If you are in the running to register for your wedding day, I highly recommend it! Living abroad as well, it is wonderful because you can edit currencies to specific stores, you can edit addresses as to where you want things shipped {not every 2 bedroom flat has room for tons of china!}.

Any thoughts on things you received or wished you had asked for, add a comment, I would love to hear!

xoxo - Becca


  1. love your ideas -especially the pop of color!
    Wedding Flowers

  2. We're American and Italian living in London. When we got married (in Italy) we did a honeymoon registry with Honeyfund (for the Americans), a traditional department store registry at Rinascente (for the Italians) and then people still turned up with cash (in all currencies and even some checks!) on the big day. Learning point - make it as easy as possible for people to give you gifts and don't be annoyed when people don't follow your requests :-)


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