Monday, March 24, 2014

Happy Birthday Sir Oliver!

Today our little furry guy turns three! Yep, I'm a crazy dog mom, people who do not know me, probably think Oliver is a real little boy the way I talk about him! Well, today Sir Oliver turns THREE!!!! I remember Beau and I bringing him back to our house in Florida {2nd image at the top row} and he was so tiny at 4 months old. Three years later Sir Oliver has travelled to 3 countries, made a move to another country and has grown into the cutest, 
most loving fun companion we have. 
Seriously it sounds silly but it is true what people say, having a dog, they are just so much fun and become like your children. Having a bad day, when I get home and this little guy is wagging his little bum {or has torn through the entire trash} I still can't help it but smile. Happy big 3 birthday #siroliveruk, thanks for bringing lots of laughs and cuddles and smiles into our life!!! Hopefully you have many more years full of bones, chasing squirrels, herding dogs in the park, spoons of almond butter, cuddles, stick chewing and doggie smiles. Thank you for bringing TONS of smiles into our life!

*need a little smile in your day, follow Oliver's hashtag #siroliveruk 

xoxoxo - Becca

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