Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Our Engagement Photos - Part 2

Last week I shared Beau's and my engagement shoot part 1 that were taken in our neighborhood and at a local wine and cheese shop. Today I am excited to share a few more photos from our engagement that include …..Sir Oliver! As I mentioned before, we did not want a big styled shoot for our engagement. We thought it would be nice to have photos taken in London, doing what we love, which one of those things is, spending weekends on long walks with Sir Oliver, our Australian Shepard puppy. Sir Oliver is quite the model, he has had some practice {here and here!} and well, he made the day!
We stuck our wellies on and went for a LONG walk around the park for the afternoon with Kylee. I often have my yoga pants on, no makeup and my puffy coat on during these walks, so it felt pretty fancy to get all prettied up for the afternoon. 
Oliver and I have a connection, but there is nothing like Beau and Oliver's bond. It sounds cheesy I know, but do you have a dog? When Beau comes home from work, Oliver gets near the door before he is even off the elevator, its really cute. I love that Kylee captured some of their little moments together. 
Hey handsome! Oh, I mean, fiancé:)
There were times when I think moving to Florida and then packing up our lives and moving to London were crazy. However, when I see the picture below I am reminded that it was a great decision, on our our best. I cherish our weekends that the three of us spend together at the markets, cooking at home, hanging out with friends and taking long walks in new areas of the city. London is an amazing city and being able to live here during all of these celebrations has created truly fantastic memories forever!

Recognize this amazing house below? Kenwood House, the film location from Notting Hill. Kenwood House is available for wedding receptions and is also a perfect spot to grab a coffee during your day out in the Heath. Isn't it stunning!
When you are in Hampstead Heath you feel like you are MILES and MILES away from the city, but see, you can see it in the distance!
Being that we got our pictures taken around Christmas, I love that Kylee spotted the holly tree and got some images there!
Four months and counting until our big day! I may be a little stressed out with EVERYTHING going on in life now and wedding planning, however, looking at these pictures makes me relaxed and reminds me of the fun we have together, just taking a walk! I can only imagine the fun we will have on our wedding day and each day after. 
All Photos By: Kytography | Hair & Makeup: Carolanne Armstrong | Purse: Kate Spade | Boots: Hunter | Coat: J.Crew, similar here| Engagement Ring: Mine!:) from Ring Finger Studio | Location: Hampstead Heath

xoxo - Becca


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