Thursday, February 13, 2014

Our Engagement Photos - Part 1

I figured that the week of Valentine's Day was the perfect time to share some of our engagement pictures! Beau and I spent an amazing day with a great friend I've made here, who just happens to be an AWESOME photographer, Kylee Yee with Kytography, before we left for Christmas in the States. We got all dolled up in our neighborhood and went to a local cheese and wine shop and talked about our wedding and everything we are looking forward to in our marriage. Starting off with a kiss from my man under the mistletoe, it was perfect! 
Originally we had not been planning on getting any engagement photos taken. Our wedding photographer is located in DC, and we have had a few pictures taken of us before, but as the wedding date got closer and our life in London became more like home, I really wanted some London engagement photos. I started thinking how nice it would be to have images of us in our neighborhood in years to come and wanted to make it happen. Pictures of us not all dressed up for the big day in white dresses and tuxedos but just around the area, doing what we love to do. I was lucky to able to convince Beau to take a long walk with Oliver and go to our favorite wine bar/cheese shop up the street to snap a few pictures. I think he ended up having a fun day and we were both so happy by the photos that Kylee captured. 

Some people think taking engagement pictures is a bit silly, why do you need to have more pictures taken together as a couple since you will have so many on your wedding day. Well, first off, it was such a nice day out, just the two of us, celebrating being engaged, drinking wine, walking with Oliver. Secondly, it is SO nice to have images as a couple in every day clothes doing things you love to do together. It is also nice {I think more for the guy often} to have pictures taken of you together so on your wedding day you do not feel so awkward in front of the camera. 
Some people were surprised that I decided not to have a big styled engagement shoot with props, etc. but I truly just wanted pictures of us doing what we love to do…..I just happen to be dressed up in a tutu, totally normal;) Beau and I love to spend weekends walking around our neighborhood, drinking wine at a nearby bar, hanging out with Oliver, so that's what I wanted us to do in our pictures!
I love this guy and can not wait to marry him! I can not wait until our wedding to celebrate with all of our friends and family!!!! Getting our engagement photos taken was such a nice day to celebrate, just the two of us and talk about things we are excited about and looking forward to on our big day. 

Thank you Kylee for these amazing photos! We will forever remember feeling like we had paparazzi at our local cheese shop;) Thank you! I'm going to share part 2 of the photos next week….that include Sir Oliver!!!! 

All Photos By: Kytography | Hair & Makeup: Carolanne Armstrong | Necklace: Kate Spade Estate Garden | Shirt: Gap | Clutch: Kate Spade  | Skirt: Fanfaronada {seen before here} | Engagement Ring: Mine!:) from Ring Finger Studio | Location: La Fromagerie Highbury

xoxo - Rebecca


  1. So beautiful! It looks like she captured some great moments!

  2. What gorgeous photos, i love your outfit especially that skirt, so pretty and romantic!

  3. Love your skirt! I am so desperate for a skirt like this!

  4. congrats! whats the color of your skirt? champagne or vanilla?

    1. Thank you! My skirt is champagne. I LOVE IT!!!!


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