Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Heart Day!

Photo taken by Moi via my iPhone 

Yep, I'm as girly as it gets and love everything about pink, hearts and Valentine's Day! I'm lucky to have an amazing valentine…my fianc√©:) But I'm also lucky to have so many fabulous friends, family, parents, sisters, readers colleagues and people I have met along the way. Whether you are celebrating today with some girlfriends over cocktails, your husband at a nice dinner, your kids, your dog, celebrate LOVE and that it is a great thing to celebrate! Happy Heart Day! Sending kisses from Across the Pond!

xoxo- Becca

By the way…Love Hearts in the UK {pictured above} are way different then the US Necco Conversation Hearts. Ummmm the Love Hearts are pretty and bigger, but hey, this American girl missed her Necco hearts this year! 

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