Thursday, February 27, 2014

Lets Take a Walk : Richmond Park

A sunny afternoon {or rainy!} with a long walk is something I have really started to enjoy more living here in England. Hours of walking through huge open fields with Sir Oliver, Beau and friends has become a really nice and so memorable afternoon out. We often go to Hampstead Heath  since it is a bit closer to us, but a few weeks ago we decided to adventure out to the largest of the Royal Parks, Richmond Park. It was a lovely afternoon! 
 Richmond Park is over 2,000 acres of fields, ponds and lodges. It also just happens to be home the home to over 600 deer. It is amazing to spot a large deer roaming through the park with the view of the London skyline in the background. You feel as if you are miles and miles away from the city, but truly you are only a few tube stops away. 
 Of course Sir Oliver loves ANYTHING about a large park, including running through every large mud puddle and chewing every large branch he can find. He was in heaven. 
 It was a bit of a muddy day in the park, so reminder, wear your wellies! My super sweet friend looked oh so cute, but I felt bad for her pretty boots after this walk! 
 Isn't it pretty here! 
 How amazing are my friend Ann's monogrammed wellies! I mean you gotta be stylish even on a muddy walk. 
 Can you spot the big deer? Right hand corner, it was amazing to see so close. I grew up in West Virginia where deer were in our front yard daily, but to see these large deer roaming around right outside was pretty amazing. Warning though to pet owners, keep your dog on the leash when you see them. I worried Oliver would chase the deer away, but he was to interested in the sticks! 
 What follows a long afternoon walk, time at the pub! 
 A Sunday Roast is an English tradition that I am really loving! It is comforting and after a three hour walk, a roast, a pint and good company is the perfect Sunday afternoon.

Check out Richmond Park, it is beautiful and a lovely afternoon escape from the hustle and bustle of the city! 

xoxo - Becca

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